Death Note 


A week or so ago I got my Looney Tunes Golden Collection and the complete Death Note DVD box. One is pretty violent. I’m talking about Looney Tunes, of course ;) . No, really, it’s extremely violent. Death Note has nothing on it.

With this Looney Tunes box I got the classic Roadrunner and Coyote shorts that I wanted. And a ton of other classics. I’ve only watched a few – there are four discs per case. Not all are good, but it’s all quality animation. The one with the Coyote trying to steal sheep under the nose of the sheepdog is hilarious.

I actually re-watched Death Note recently, but it got me thinking that perhaps I should see if it’s available on Blu-ray. … Continue reading


I finished rewatching the anime Death Note the other day. I haven’t watched it since it first aired back in 2007. I tried reading the manga after having watched the anime the first time, but it was a bit boring since I knew what would happen. By the time I rewatched the anime, I had forgotten a lot of things. I still remembered the story in big strokes, but there were still details that surprised me (again).

For those who haven’t watched it, it’s about an intelligent but bored guy who finds a note book that has been dropped into the human world by a death god. He discovers that if he writes the someone’s name in the book, they die. He decides to rid the world of “rotten” people, starting with violent criminals. He envisions a perfect new world, where he’ll be the god. When it becomes known that criminals are dropping dead like flies, the police and international security agencies try to track down the one behind the deaths (named Kira by the people). They bring in a super intelligent investigator going by the name “L”, to help in the search for Kira.

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Death Note

Death Note is one of those things that “everyone is talking about”. After seeing numerous topics about how people loved the Death Note anime on online discussion boards, a couple of weeks ago I decided to download the available fan subbed episodes to see what the hype was all about. … Continue reading