Do As Infinity 


I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend DAI’s latest and tenth album Do As Infinity X.

I was listening to it today and the “good song density” is very high. My favourite song right now is Copernicus, but there are many really good songs on this album (Renge, mannequin, etc. etc.). I think long time DAI fans will like this album. It has that classic Do As Infinity feeling.

  1. Yoake wa Chikai
  2. Tokyo Anettai
  3. Work!
  4. Renge
  5. mannequin
  6. Copernicus
  7. Right now
  8. Soudensen
  9. Mata Ashita mo Sukoshi Dake Ganbarou to Omou

Speaking of DAI, Tomiko Van got married last month. The man she married is a younger non-celebrity.

The bonus DVD that comes with the CD+DVD version is a full concert DVD from their latest tour. YesAsia link



Chikai (誓い) is DAI’s second newest song. It’s very good. Classic DAI.

Do As Infinity ~ Chikai

Do As Infinity ~ Chikai

24MB 4:22 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

Credit: source vid. steely@jpopsuki

The music video consists of live footage. The sound goes flat in a few places, where they cut to the live audio.


OK, I can’t wait for this song to be released any longer, so I made a PV rip of the song to listen to for the time being.

Update: added 320 kbps CD rip. Tags are in Japanese.


I was in a really bad mood tonight. Then I stumbled across the PV for Ariadne no Ito (アリアドネの糸/Ariadne’s thread) and it was exactly what I needed. I was cautiously optimistic when I heard the intro. It was so fitting to my current emotional state. As I listened on, I was waiting for the song to start to suck, but it never did! Great Do As Infinity song! Yeah, I’ll add an extra exclamation point: !

Do As Infinity ~ Ariadne no Ito

Do As Infinity ~ Ariadne no Ito

23MB 4:11 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

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Credit: source vid. r3z4prof

The single is coming out in the beginning of September. The song is also the theme song for the drama Team Batista 3 – Ariadne no dangan.

edit: you can download the MP3 here.


Here’s DAI’s Kagaku no Yoru (科学の夜) in mp3 format for TweetoTrill.

The first track is from the Gates of Heaven album and the second is from the Live in Japan album. The live track has the same arrangement (long ending) as the video I posted earlier, but it was recorded on a different date.


This is one of my favourite DAI performances. The song is Kagaku no Yoru (科学の夜, Night of Science) and was performed at Budokan in 2004.

Do As Infinity ~ Kagaku no Yoru

Do As Infinity ~ Kagaku no Yoru

42MB 6:27 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

I really like this song and I dig the long “outro” in this performance, especially the drums.

The video is from the Live in Japan concert DVD.


Fukai Mori (深い森/deep forest) is the first song many Western DAI fans came in contact with, since it was the second ending song for the anime series InuYasha.

Do As Infinity ~ Fukai Mori

Do As Infinity ~ Fukai Mori

27MB 4:08 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

That’s not how I started listening to DAI though. I first saw them on an a-nation concert VCD (yes, VCD, lol) that I had gotten because I had just started listening to Ayumi Hamasaki. I tried watching InyYasha later on, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Enjoy :)


Raven was released on Do As Infinity’s single Yesterday & Today back in the year 2000 and was later included on their first album. The song was used in the closing credits of the movie Uzumaki. I bought that movie on DVD years ago, but I still haven’t watched it :lol: . It seems creepy.

I should probably warn sensitive viewers that the music video contains many clips from Uzumaki, which is a horror movie.

Do As Infinity ~ Raven

Do As Infinity ~ Raven

26MB 4:02 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

It’s not so much the video I want to share as the song itself (although Van-chan looks great in the video). It’s one of my favourite DAI songs.

The reason I’m posting this “all of a sudden” is that this song came up in a random playlist I was singing along to a while back. I really like it, especially chorus and the contrast between the verse and chorus. Singing along to this song works great as a tension releaser (for me at least).


Here’s Do As Infinity’s first PV since they reunited. It was released in June, but it had passed me by until recently.

Do As Infinity ~ Umareyuku Monotachi e

Do As Infinity ~ Umareyuku Monotachi e (生まれゆくものたちへ)

30MB 4:38 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

Credit: source video from gryzze@jpopsuki

The chorus is pretty good, but the verse sounds a bit like random notes put together. It’s good to see them reunited all the same :mrgreen:

Van-chan’s voice is more suited for these kind of songs than her solo stuff in my opinion.

This song is from their latest single ∞1, which has three other songs as well. Their new album Eternal flame will be released on September 30th.

official site

After disbanding in 2005 and each band member doing their own solo projects, Japanese pop band Do As Infinity has reunited! This is so great. They were one of the first Japanese artists I ever listened to (after Ayu and ELT).

They will start by giving free concerts at the end of September and are planning a new release in the spring.

Source: official site and HeartlessCloud@ahn