Dream High 


After finishing Secret Garden, I started watching Dream High 2. It takes place in the same art school as the first Dream High, but a lot has changed. The school has lost its status and is going down the drain when an entertainment company buys it out and sends its own artists, who have been banned from performing for violating a new law prohibiting under-age artists from performing late at night, to attend the school for the time being. It’s not entirely clear what the exact reasoning behind this is.

The actors are all different with the exception of JYP and a few cameo appearances by the original cast.

The main character is Hae-seong, played by Kang So-ra. I recognize her from the movie Sunny. She’s really cute and funny. … Continue reading


I watched the last two episodes of Dream High again today. This clip was very suitable for posting. It’s IU’s character Pil-suk, who sings the song Dreaming. This is the song that IU changed the lyrics for on YHY’s Sketchbook.

IU ~ Dreaming (Dream High)

IU ~ Dreaming (Dream High)

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The clip doesn’t contain any big spoilers, but since it’s the second last episode it’s a bit of a spoiler to see where the characters are at. Speaking of spoilers, the English subtitles on the DVD give away who “K” is a little too early in the final episode (they use “her/him” when referring to “K”).


Today I finally got my Dream High DVDs that I pre-ordered ages ago. Both boxes come with a bunch of photo cards.


As you can see I also got a “K” keychain with the same design as the K pendant in the drama, but smaller. At first I thought that perhaps they sent this to everyone since the release was delayed, but then I remembered that there was going to be a “lucky draw” for those who pre-ordered the first volume, and I guess I won! :D

The keychain comes in a jewellery box. The gift bag is also for the keychain (it says “the kiss” on the back of the amulet too). I didn’t really get why it came with a gift bag until I saw the price tag: 50,000 won. That’s over US$47! I wouldn’t have paid that much.

I’ll probably add more info about the quality of the subtitles later, but judging by the first episode they seem pretty good.


Today I received three out of the five packages of K-Pop and J-Pop goodness that I’ve ordered. I haven’t ordered much this spring… until now that is.


The items … Continue reading


When the K-drama Dream High was over the artists who were a part of the cast held a concert for the fans where they performed songs from the drama. It was aired as a bonus episode on TV and had interviews with the cast and stuff.

IU performed Someday from the Dream High sound track.

IU ~ Someday Live@Dream High Concert 20110301

IU ~ Someday Live@Dream High Concert 20110301

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I apologize on the camera man’s behalf for the unsteady camera -_-.

During the performance they show some clips from the drama, so some things will get spoiled if you haven’t watched the drama yet.

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Here IU is performing the song Dreaming, which her character Pil-sook composes in the drama Dream High, but with altered lyrics.

IU ~ Dreaming Live@YHY's Sketchbook 20110311

IU ~ Dreaming Live@YHY’s Sketchbook 20110311

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You might remember the clip i posted from another of IU’s (numerous) appearances on Sketchbook and how infatuated the host, Yoo Hee-yeol, was by her. This time IU changed the lyrics to describe him:

Sharp eyes like a hawk, forehead like the Pacific Ocean, small and cute shoulders~ Established appearance from behind, a white face, with a warm way of speaking~ Did you miss me? Don’t just laugh~ I know how you feel, uncle~ Even when you’re coy, I know. You can fool a ghost but you can’t fool me~ Step by step, nervous footsteps, with excitement~ I prepared this much today~ I missed you, uncle~

It’s so cute when she sings “나 보고 싶었어?” (did you miss me, informal) and then adds the polite “요?” (yo), since she’s singing to an “uncle” :) .

credit: translated lyrics from allkpop


IU sings a cover of the song 난 사랑을 아직 몰라 at Music Travel LaLaLa.

IU ~ I don't know love yet Live@Music Travel LaLaLa 20090617

IU ~ I don’t know love yet Live@Music Travel LaLaLa 20090617

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Credit: sourve vid. yoobin.skyrock


I remember this song from the movie My Little Bride (you can see pictures from the movie in the background), where Moon Geun-yeong sings it in a karaoke room. Very funny movie :) . The original artist for the song was Lee Ji-yeon some time in the 80’s.

IU also sang a snippet of this song in episode 7 of Dream High.



I’m currently watching the Korean drama series Dream High. There are so many familiar K-Pop faces in this drama. There’s Suzy from Miss A, Taec-yeon and Woo-young from 2PM, Eun-jeong from T-ara and IU ♥. You can also see JYP as one of the teachers. I also recognize some of the actors from other dramas and movies. … Continue reading