Younique Unit is a group put together by SM Entertainment for a Hyundai commercial (don’t know about any future plans for the group). It consists of Hyo-yeon (SNSD), Tae-min (SHINee), Eun-hyuk (Super Junior), Henry (Super Junior-M), Kai (Exo-K) and Luhan (Exo-M).

I’ve listened to their song Maxstep and I really like it. Sounds really nice when listening on headphones. I listened to the song before watching the video. The DBSK-esque sound and having seen a lot of tweets about the awesome dancing I had pretty high expectations.


Younique Unit ~ Maxstep

Younique Unit ~ Maxstep

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I found the choreography a bit disappointing. I had imagined something more bad ass, powerful and advanced. From what I heard, this was supposed to be a “dance group” so I thought they’d go all out in that department. The dancing feels more like SHINee than DBSK (which I was expecting). It kind of takes the edge off the song when the audio goes “Rooar!” and in the video the dude’s like “meow :3″.


Heads up for K-Pop fans in or near the UK. MBC is holding a K-Pop concert in London on June 23rd (in two weeks). Tickets go on sale tomorrow on Monday at 10 AM (GMT). Only 2500 tickets, which cost £17.50 each.

The confirmed artists are 4Minute, EXO-K and Norazo.

Here’s a link to the event at Ticketmaster.

For up-to-date information, check out UnitedKpop (facebook, twitter). All info is also collected here.

Source: UnitedKpop

Update: There’s talk of a fan-sign event with 4Minute around the time of the concert (check the facebook page above). Time for ticket sale was changed to Monday.