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Last Saturday I attended Korean boy band Vixx’ showcase in Sweden. It was the first K-pop concert in Scandinavia! There was a strict “no photography” policy, so I didn’t take any photos. Sorry.

When I got the ticket I felt a bit guilty, since I hadn’t followed Vixx before and fan-girls were desperately trying to get a hold of tickets after they sold out.

The concert was held at a pretty small venue, Oscarsteatern. I’ve been there before for musicals. Even though the seats were numbered a queue formed outside the theatre before they opened the doors. It was pretty funny how many passers-by stopped and asked what we were queueing for, because there was no sign for this event and they couldn’t believe that we (mostly girls) were queueing for the show that was playing there other days.

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Things are happening in K-Pop Sweden. In a few weeks we’ll have Scandinavia’s first K-Pop concert when VIXX come here to perform and yesterday Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) were here for a fanmeet. Needless to say, I went there.

The fanmeet was held at a school in Stockholm near where I have my Korean classes. The whole thing was pretty well coordinated with tons of information on Facebook leading up to the event. A lot of people came. About 700!

I went there with a friend of mine who also likes EYK, but I saw several people I know from the Korean school and my teacher was there as well. After passing through a very elaborate queueing system we came into the room for the fanmeet. … Continue reading


Yesterday I attended UFC Sweden. The first UFC show ever held in Sweden. Mixed martial arts is pretty much the only sport I watch. I just don’t have much interest in watching other sports. Never have. I’ve never been to a live event before, though.

The whole thing felt a bit surreal. I saw a story in a daily newspaper about Swedish MMA fighter Alexander Gustafsson the day before yesterday and it said “[bla bla] at a sold out Globen”. Globen (Ericsson Globe) is Sweden’s largest indoor arena. It was nice to see some positive coverage of MMA in Swedish news, but it came as a bit of a shock to me because I had completely missed that the UFC was coming here! I don’t know how it happened, but it had completely passed under my radar.

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Last week I went to France to see a horde of K-Pop artists perform at Music Bank in Paris. A total of eight groups performed: Girls’ Generation, T-ara, 4Minute, Sistar, SHINee, U-Kiss, Beast and 2PM. I went there mostly for SNSD, T-ara and 4Minute.


I flew to Paris the same day as the concert. I had already been there for SMTown back in June, so I felt like I wouldn’t have any trouble finding my way around the city. Besides, I had booked a numbered seat for the concert. I had a seat for the first day and a standing ticket for the second day. Unfortunately the second day of the concert was cancelled. It would’ve been great to do both.

The venue was much bigger than SMTown. The good seats at SMTown were much better than the good seats at Music Bank. While SMTown was more intimate, everything at Music Bank went very smoothly. They didn’t have much concert goods though.

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I absolutely love the outfits the girls are wearing in this performance of The Boys from Music Core. Great performance!

Girls' Generation ~ The Boys Live@Music Core 20111112

Girls’ Generation ~ The Boys Live@Music Core 20111112

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This aired on the 12th, but it was recorded on the 5th. Music Core has been lagging behind since they cancelled the show due to some baseball thing two weeks ago.

How do I know it’s from last week? Because I was there!! :D We got to stand right in front of the stage. Really close to the girls! They are so beautiful that it’s almost unreal! I tried to get a good look at all the girls, but I couldn’t help staring at Tae-yeon all the time :lol: . She just draws me in.

They edited the audience sound in the broadcast. We screamed so much that you almost couldn’t hear the music. We also did a fan-chant during the instrumental part, but they edited it out :( . And by “we” I mean SONE (SNSD fans, 소원/S♡NE).

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As you probably know all too well by now, I went to SMTOWN Paris last weekend. It was the first SMTOWN in Europe ever. It was also my first K-Pop concert and my first visit to Paris.

This will be a lot more text than I usually post, but don’t worry, there are pictures further down. I thought about boiling it down to something shorter, but then it would take too long before I could post it.

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