Final Fantasy 


I’ve been looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII for such a long time. I got it on the release day and I’ve been playing it as soon as I’ve come home from work.

I’m currently about 12 hours in and just started chapter 6. I probably did something wrong, but it took me 16 minutes to beat the Aster Protoflorian at the end of chapter 5. Normally the battles are a couple of minutes long, maximum.

You’ve probably read some mixed reviews of this game online (I probably read too much about this game before I started playing it) where people are complaining about this and that. I only have one major gripe with this game: … Continue reading


According to IGN, Final Fantasy XIII will be delayed another year!

[…]Wada also announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be released later in 2009 in Japan, while North American and European launches of the game would come in April 2010 or later.[…]

Nooooooo…… :( :cry:

Yuna and Tidus

Today I finally finished Final Fantasy X. I had a great time playing the game. At first I didn’t know what to think about the battles being turn based, but I quickly learned to like it. I’ve started playing Final Fantasy X-2 … Continue reading