Genie Chuo 

I had totally missed the release of Genie Chuo’s latest album My favorite kind of Geniie. I went ahead and ordered it as soon as I found out. It’s pretty good. I really like Genie’s voice and especially her ballads. The first track (Love Castle, 愛的城堡) is upbeat, but it has a western tune embedded in it (I can’t think of what it’s called now) and I don’t like how that sounds.

As with previous Genie releases there are many different versions of the album coming with different bonus items. The one I bought is already out of print. I find that a bit ridiculous.

Genie Chuo ~ A Promise for PSPGenie Chuo ~ A Promise (一句話) for PSP

36MB 5:37 H.264/AVC 480×272

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This PV was included on the DVD that came with the album version that I bought.

By the way, I recently downloaded the Taiwanese drama series Rolling Love … Continue reading


Perhaps you’re familiar with Kaela Kimura’s song Honey B~みつばちダンス~. If not, you can check out the video below. It’s a very cute song. Genie Chuo made a cover of this song on her latest album, but with lyrics in Mandarin of course.

Something that’s been driving me crazy is that when I heard Genie’s cover, I thought it was a song by one of the Hello! Project girls, like Aya Matsuura or someone. Kaela has written the lyrics for her version of the song, but the music was composed by Takamune Negishi (according to Cori’s Jpop lyrics). I think that guy has some connection to H!P. It certainly sounds like it. I had heard Kaela’s song before I heard Genie’s version, so it’s possible that I just remembered that song. But I can’t get rid of this feeling that I’ve heard this song even before that, with other lyrics.

Am I imagining things or is Kaela’s version also a cover?

Kaela Kimura ~ Honey B for PSPKaela Kimura ~ Honey B~みつばちダンス~

21MB 4:30 H.264/AVC 480×272

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Does anyone know if any other artist sang this song before Kaela? Please give me some peace of mind :)


Taiwanese singer Genie Chuo (卓文萱) recently released her third album Oxygen of Happiness. This time around a DVD with music videos is included instead of a VCD like her previous album. This is good, because then I can make some full resolution videos for your PSP :)

I decided to include two PVs out of the four that are on the DVD. Although I like the song Oxygen of Happiness, the PV wasn’t all that good in my opinion. Though I’m always open for requests.

Genie Chuo ~ I'm Glad that You Once Loved MeI’m Glad that You Once Loved Me (被你爱过我很快乐)

29MB 4:28 H.264/AVC 480×272

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Genie Chuo ~ PalmPalm (手心)

29MB 4:29 H.264/AVC 480×272

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Enjoy the videos and please don’t use download accelerators when downloading them.


After first hearing Genie Chuo a few weeks ago, she has rapidly become my new favourite singer. I just love her voice and now that I’ve seen her music videos I can say that she’s also very beautiful. I was meaning to post these earlier, but I’ve been working overtime for two weeks including weekends, so I haven’t had much time to spend on other things. The source of the videos is the VCD that comes with her album.

Click here to buy the album

Dui Ni De AiGenie Chuo ~ Dui Ni De Ai

15MB 4:02 H.264/AVC 368×208


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Be Used To

It’s funny how I wrote in my previous post about how an old online friend of mine and I used to introduce one another to new artists because yesterday I found a new artist I like. It was kawaiichii at BaBoA* who wanted a karaoke version of a song and I remembered that I had Adobe Audition lying around somewhere so I offered to make the karaoke version and downloaded the song. It’s very nice. It gave me sort of a Justin and Sofia feeling. The artist is 卓文萱, Genie Chuo (or Zhuo? I don’t know). She’s from Taiwan. I think I’m going to get her album. It’s funny how all Chinese speaking artists I listen to are from Taiwan.