Girl’s Day 

NC.A is a new artist on the K-Pop scene. I caught her music video on youtube and, while the lyrics sound a little silly perhaps, I really like the song for some reason. It’s cute and NC.A has a really nice voice.

It’s not her in the video. It’s Hye-ri from Girl’s Day (which I also like, by the way).



It’s really nice how Loen Ent. subtitles all (or at least most of) the videos they publish on youtube. Both music videos and interviews and the like.


Hug Me Once (한번만 안아줘) aka a virtual date with Girl’s Day, for hwang.

Girl's Day - Hug Me Once

Girl’s Day - Hug Me Once

37MB 4:12 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

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I wonder if their songwriter is one of the people who composed songs for DJ Max Portable. I get a DJ Max feeling from this song too :) . Catchy.


SimpleMe also requested Twinkle Twinkle by Girl’s Day.

Girl's Day ~ Twinkle Twinkle

Girl’s Day ~ Twinkle Twinkle

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Credit: source vid. elko@jpopsuki

Somehow this song makes me think of the PSP game DJ Max Portable :) .