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I’ve placed a bunch of orders from various places recently and now they’re starting to arrive :) . Today I got a package from Korea. It consisted of IU’s 2013 calendar, an IU button set and the Tae-yeon version of I Got a Boy. My two favourites. And enough bubble wrap to last a lifetime.


I know I’m super late in getting the I Got a Boy album. I blame YesAsia. I was set to order the Tae-yeon version from day one, but they decided to only sell the album with the version picked randomly. I had already bought the album on iTunes anyway. I wanted Tae-yeon!! :lol:

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This is a commercial for eating more eggs that aired when I was in Korea in 2011. I was going to use it in a post about how you see idols in ads everywhere in Korea, that I didn’t finish.

Girls' Generation ~ Egg Song

Girls’ Generation ~ Egg Song

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I don’t know if it was because of the commercial or not, but I’ve eaten eggs more often since I got back :D .


Tae-yeon singing Rihanna’s Take a Bow at Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook back in June.

Tae-yeon ~ Take A Bow Live@YHY's Sketchbook 20120602

Tae-yeon ~ Take A Bow Live@YHY’s Sketchbook 20120602

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Looking and sounding great!


What better way than to start the new year with a comeback by SNSD? :D Their new album is now available digitally at online stores. I bought it off of iTunes and was listening to it on the train ride home from the New Year’s party.

At the same time, the music video for I Got a Boy was released. I kind of spoiled my initial spazzing by bugging my friend to play it at his house. Couldn’t really gush at that time.

The song is kind of fragmented. I enjoy twists and turns in songs, but this one is kinda like “I have no idea where the heck I’m going, let’s turn left!”. There’s a lot of different, contrasting parts competing for attention. Not very homogeneous or harmonious.


Girls' Generation ~ I Got a Boy

Girls’ Generation ~ I Got a Boy

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Tae-yeon looks so awesome in this video (as opposed to… never :) ). Yoon-a also looks great with her camo jacket. The drama parts of the video feel a bit out of place and doesn’t really match the overall mood of the rest of the song.

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Drama teaser for I Got a Boy:


Seo-hyun looks really cute! :D

Update: Dance teaser :D



Today (the end of the world) SNSD started releasing teasers for their 4th Korean album. The album (and title track, I guess) is called I Got a Boy. They will make their comeback on January 1st and the album will be released the day after.

The first teaser video consists of the entire music video for the song Dancing Queen! :D


Girls' Generation ~ Dancing Queen

Girls’ Generation ~ Dancing Queen

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This song is kind of TaeTiSeo (sound) meets Gee (looks). It’s a remake of the song Mercy by Duffy, but with new Korean lyrics. I like it! :D It’s a bit nostalgic in the way the girls all have the same hairstyles as they did when promoting Gee. At the end of the video we get to see a short teaser for I Got a Boy, which sounds like it’ll be something completely different.

Ohh… Now I’ve read that a lot of the footage in Dancing Queen is actually from 2008 and that the song was intended to be released back then, but couldn’t due to copyright issues. No wonder it looks so Gee-like.

Dancing Queen is already out on iTunes.

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If this doesn’t put you in a good mood for the weekend, I don’t know what will :) (if you’re a Tae-yeon fan).

It’s a video collage of Tae-yeon that’s really really cute!


Credit: wacom. Song: Dancing Queen by Crayon Pop

Clarification: this video is just a video collage that uses Crayon Pop’s Dancing Queen as background music. It doesn’t have anything to do with SNSD’s new song Dancing Queen :) .

Tae-yeon @ Bangkok concert 121125

I figure that if I like a picture enough to use it as a wallpaper, it warrants a post on the blog as well. I’m currently using this photo of Tae-yeon from the concert in Bangkok as my lock screen wallpaper on my phone. Awesome photo!

For my home screen I’m using this nice photo of Yoon-a, Tae-yeon looking at Yu-ri’s post-it notes :) :
Yoon-a Tae-yeon Yu-ri @ Bangkok concert 121125

Credit: as tagged, &

Also, SNSD’s second Japanese album has been released. You can get an idea of what the new songs sound like by checking out this digest (if you can stand the MC):



Younique Unit is a group put together by SM Entertainment for a Hyundai commercial (don’t know about any future plans for the group). It consists of Hyo-yeon (SNSD), Tae-min (SHINee), Eun-hyuk (Super Junior), Henry (Super Junior-M), Kai (Exo-K) and Luhan (Exo-M).

I’ve listened to their song Maxstep and I really like it. Sounds really nice when listening on headphones. I listened to the song before watching the video. The DBSK-esque sound and having seen a lot of tweets about the awesome dancing I had pretty high expectations.


Younique Unit ~ Maxstep

Younique Unit ~ Maxstep

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I found the choreography a bit disappointing. I had imagined something more bad ass, powerful and advanced. From what I heard, this was supposed to be a “dance group” so I thought they’d go all out in that department. The dancing feels more like SHINee than DBSK (which I was expecting). It kind of takes the edge off the song when the audio goes “Rooar!” and in the video the dude’s like “meow :3″.

Yoon-a UFO town pic

SNSD’s Yoon-a recently updated her UFO town profile picture with a set of selcas that are absolutely adorable. You can see many of her different charms in these photos.


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