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Here’s another Sayuki Matsumoto clip. It’s also from her Bibir DVD.

Sayuki Matsumoto ~ Bubbles (Bibir)

Sayuki Matsumoto ~ Bubbles (Bibir)

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Have a nice weekend! :D


This is probably not what the Sayuki-fans were expecting. It’s just a very short clip. I haven’t had time to make any more videos just yet.

Here Sayuki wants to wish you good morning and good night.

Sayuki Matsumoto ~ (Bibir) Good morning & good night

Sayuki Matsumoto ~ Good morning & good night (Bibir)

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It’s a bit funny though, that after her last “good night” you can hear a rooster call :lol:


This is a clip from Sayki Matsumoto’s gravure idol DVD Bibir.

Sayuki Matsumoto ~ On bed (Bibir)

Sayuki Matsumoto ~ On bed (Bibir)

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No knowledge of the Japanese language is needed this time as there’s no talking in the video. Just a scantily clad Sayuki :)


I thought I’d mix it up a bit and post some gravure idol stuff.

Let’s start off with Sayuki Matsumoto (松本さゆき) who is quite nice to look at. She’s quite tall (172 cm) for a Japanese model.

I’ll post a couple of videos of her later.

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I normally don’t post files this big, but I thought I’d make an exception this time.

Reina Tanaka ~ Real Challenge!! Reina Tanaka ~ Real Challenge!! for PSP

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Real Challenge!!

This is Reina Tanaka’s latest DVD Real Challenge (cover to the right) in PSP format. It’s a mix of making of footage from her latest photo book Very Reina and other things she did when they were shooting in Hokkaido. Such as eating seafood, cooking, making butter, etc. A thing that hangs over Reina throughout the video is that she has to memorize the names of the cities in Hokkaido. If she can’t do it, there will be a penalty :)

You can buy the DVD here.

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It’s coupon season at YesAsia, so I’m taking this opportunity to buy some stuff that I’ve wanted but haven’t bought yet. It’s my annual tradition to try to plan my purchases to get the maximum benefit from the coupons. This, together with my new Reina obsession has made me want to get her latest photo book Very Reina.

Here’s the “making of” video that comes with the book:

Reina Tanaka ~ Very Reina Reina Tanaka ~ Very Reina

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17-sai no live

Yuko Fukudome continues to be very popular (in the statistics for this site), so I thought I’d post a selection of scans from her photo book 17-sai no live that I ran into (I didn’t scan them myself).

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I just stumbled across a couple of small but nice pictures of Yuko Fukudome. I found them in this interview.

Does anyone know how to access her official blog? I’m being asked for a username and password. I tried signing up for a cocolog account, but that didn’t help.

  • Yuko
  • Yuko


Another request by Valentina. Leah Dizon is an American race-queen turned Japanese idol. I was thinking of adding pictures of her to the gallery some time ago, but I never got around to it.

Leah Dizon ~ Love Paradox for PSPLeah Dizon ~ Love Paradox for PSP

28MB 4:17 H.264/AVC 480×272

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Enjoy the video. Up next is Kaela Kimura.


Since Yuko Fukudome (福留佑子) is so popular in the gallery (I’ve added a box with the most popular pictures on the gallery main page), I thought I’d post some Yuko stuff. Yuko is a Japanese gravure idol. She’s very energetic and goofy.

These videos are from her Sabra 61 photoshoot. You can find pictures from this shoot in Yuko’s album in the gallery. The first video is a clip of Yuko speaking English :)

Yuko Fukudome ~ Speaking English for PSPYuko Fukudome ~ Speaking English for PSP

5MB 0:56 H.264/AVC 480×272

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