Last night I watched another movie that I bought in Korea. This time I picked White - The Melody of the Curse (화이트 - 저주의 멜로디), starring Ham Eun-jung from T-ara. It’s a horror movie. Not what I usually go for, but I got it because of Eun-jung.

Eun-jung plays the role of Eun-ju. She used to be a backup dancer, but is now the leader of a rookie K-Pop girl group that’s not doing very well. One day their management company relocate them to a new studio building (where a lot of people had died in a fire some years ago). While cleaning the dance studio, Eun-ju finds an old VHS tape titled “White”. The tape contains a blurry music video recording of a pop song. The song sounds like it would be a hit, but no one has heard it before, so they decide to use it as their own. Horror ensues.

The movie wasn’t overly scary. However, I did employ some “selective viewing” at the end :lol: .

I did find the story a bit unrealistic, though. In real life, I think this is how it would’ve happened: “I found an old VHS tape. Does anyone have a VCR?” “No.” The end. :lol: Also, haven’t these girls watched The Ring? When has playing an old video tape ever led to anything good? :)