Han Hye-jin 

Han Hye-jin

I’ve just uploaded 80 pictures of Korean actress Han Hye-jin (한혜진) to the gallery. I started at 300 and tried to select only a few. At 80 I gave up :)

Hye-jin is the star of the drama Be Strong Geum-soon that I’m currently watching on DVD. It’s a great drama.

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I recently wrote about the Korean drama series Be Strong Geum-soon that YA Entertainment has released with English subtitles. It’s only available in the US, but I got a hold of the first volume on eBay. I got it last week and I’ve watched 14 episodes so far.

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Be Strong, Geum-soon

YA Entertainment has now released the first 3 volumes (of 4) of the Korean drama Be Strong , Geum-soon with English subtitles. The first volume was released in June and consists of the first 41(!) episodes. I don’t know much about the drama, but it stars Han Hye-jin, whom I just love. I’ve been eyeing this drama before, but there was no release with English subtitles. I think I’m going to order the first box and see how it is. I hope it’s good, but at the same time, if it is, it will cost me a small fortune to buy all the boxes :)

However, these boxes only appear on YesAsia’s US pages, not on the global ones, which is why I missed that they’d come out. I’m not sure why, I’ll ask them.

update: Argh!! It’s only sold within North America! I guess they’re strict about the copyright since it’s their own brand, but almost all items I buy from YesAsia are only licenced for sale in Asia (not Europe) and that’s not a problem.

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