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Now I’ve finally made a PSP version of Jolin Tsai’s song 野蠻遊戲 (Ye Man You Xi). I’ve been meaning to post it ever since the first PV I posted on this site, but I was never satisfied with the results.

This PV was the one that got me into Jolin’s music. I downloaded some of her PVs because she had been bashed on an Ayu forum I go to, just to see what the fuss was all about. Turns out I like her :)

Jolin Tsai ~ Ye Man You Xi for PSPJolin Tsai ~ Ye Man You Xi for PSP

39MB 4:05 H.264/AVC 480×272

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Agent J

Jolin Tsai’s new album Agent J is set to be released 21 September. I listened to an, I guess leaked, copy of the album earlier today. I was a bit shocked when track 11 (日不落, Ri Bu Luo, Sun will never set) started to play, because it’s a cover of the song Sunshine in the rain by the Swedish pop group BWO (Bodies Without Organs). … Continue reading


Dancing Diva CD+DVDThe CD+DVD version of Jolin Tsai’s Dancing Diva is finally out. This is the version I wanted all along, but since it’s released so long after the CD only album I just couldn’t wait and bought the CD only version too. The CD+DVD version comes with all the music videos for the songs of this album.

I’ve listened to Dancing Diva quite alot and it’s a good solid album. I can’t comment on the DVD content since I don’t have this version yet.


Just a small update. I added a scan from Jolin Tsai’s J-Top Best Selection CD booklet. It came out OK. It was hard to get any detail in her hair because there wasn’t much detail in the original.

  • J-Top 01

I just typed “jolin scan” into Google’s search engine and among the top results was a Symantec security response page. It turns out that someone has been trying to lure people to open a script attachement by claiming that it’s a nude picture of Jolin Tsai (Taiwanese singer that you can find many posts about on this site). The worm is old news. I just thought it was funny.

Almost as funny as Symantec’s description:

This script is intended to be a mass-mailing worm […] [The samples] were not able to spread due to bugs in the worm’s code.

So when the guy finally got an idea how to get people to open the file, the script doesn’t work. :D


I did some scanning today and as a result I present you with the remaining images of Jolin Tsai from the Cutie Nail magazine that I have.

  • Cutie Nail 03
  • Cutie Nail 04
  • Cutie Nail 05

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The first pictures in the gallery are the pictures I’ve scanned and published until now.

Scans of Jolin Tsai from Cutie Nail magazine:

  • Cutie Nail 01
  • Cutie Nail 02

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Get Dancing Diva at YesAsia.comAfter some confusion about what releases to sell, YesAsia now has Jolin’s next all new album available for pre-order. The album is called Dancing Diva and the Hong Kong version will be released May 12th. Both the Hong Kong special edition CD and the Taiwan pre-order edition CD will come with a bonus photo album of Jolin. I just have to get this CD, though I’m not sure which edition to get yet. If there were a CD+DVD edition with music videos I would buy that one for sure, but judging by the J-Game release, the CD+DVD version didn’t come out until three months later and I don’t think I can wait that long to hear the new songs :)

Take advantage of YesAsia’s free shipping offer between May 2nd and June 30th.

You can find some samples of the songs on Jolin’s new record label’s site (requires flash).


Get J-Top Best Selection at YesAsia.comBefore releasing her next all new album Dancing Diva, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) is giving us a best of album for her past three years with Sony BMG called J-Top Best Selection. The 2 CD album will be released May 5 and features her biggest hits from this period as well as two new songs. The album also comes with a DVD with four music videos. If you get the pre-order edition you also get a photoalbum with pictures from her tour.

This is a great buy for people who want to check out Jolin’s music. I also recommend her J-Game album which comes with more music videos.


I’ve made a small update of the design of the site. I’ve also made a few BoA and Jolin Tsai scans, but since the gallery isn’t up yet you have to go to to see them for the time being.


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