It’s hard to keep up with all the K-Pop groups that come and go. AOA is one of those groups that have passed me by, more or less. I’ve seen a couple of their previous music videos when they’ve been mentioned in K-Pop news, but it’s nothing that has stuck.

A while back I decided to check out their latest album (at the time). I can’t recall why I decided to do that. Perhaps I saw Choa on a TV show or something. Anyhow, the only song that stood out to me was 휠릴리. I’ve had it in the playlist I listen to when driving my car.


Now AOA have made a comeback with a new lacrosse concept. Their new song 심쿵해 (heart attack) is very catchy. It has a pretty typical Brave Sound beat, but I’ve had it stuck in my head for days. I like the music video too. It’s playful and colourful. I don’t know anything about make-up, but I think they nailed Choa’s make-up in this video.

This is the time when the “summer songs” are released and I guess this song is up against mainly Sistar’s Shake It. I like Sistar a lot, but I must say I prefer 심쿵해.


I haven’t used the computer much lately, so I didn’t see this video until today. It’s shows the recording of IU’s cover of Sanullim’s (산울림) song 너의 의미 together with original member Kim Chang-wan. The song appears on her cover album 꽃갈피.


I really like this song! It gives me such a good feeling. This album is a must-buy. Just my style.

The song starts at 1:18 in the video and there are English captions available.

You may recognize Chang-wan from the drama 별에서 온 그대 (My love from the stars), where he played Kim Soo-hyun’s “father”.


IU is so cute in this interview where she talks about how she likes to watching movies before going to bed. When she’s asked if she pays for them she turns to her manager “You paid for them, right?” :lol: “불법 다운로드 진짜 아니죠!” (I’d never download illegally) XD

That question comes up at 1:43.

You can activate English captions in the video.

I also wish I could get that vinyl LP she’s talking about.


IU recently held a series of concerts in a more intimate small theatre setting. I wish I could’ve been there! I love IU’s acoustic stuff and it would have been amazing to see her at a smaller venue like this.

1theK has uploaded a few clips from the concert to Youtube and they all have English captions.

The first two songs are from her new cover album 꽃갈피 and the last one is from the re-packaged version of her previous album Modern Times (Epilogue).

나의 옛날이야기 (My old story)

사랑이 지나가면 (When love passes by)

금요일에 만나요 (Friday)

I would beat myself up for not knowing all the lyrics though XD.


Last Saturday I attended Korean boy band Vixx’ showcase in Sweden. It was the first K-pop concert in Scandinavia! There was a strict “no photography” policy, so I didn’t take any photos. Sorry.

When I got the ticket I felt a bit guilty, since I hadn’t followed Vixx before and fan-girls were desperately trying to get a hold of tickets after they sold out.

The concert was held at a pretty small venue, Oscarsteatern. I’ve been there before for musicals. Even though the seats were numbered a queue formed outside the theatre before they opened the doors. It was pretty funny how many passers-by stopped and asked what we were queueing for, because there was no sign for this event and they couldn’t believe that we (mostly girls) were queueing for the show that was playing there other days.

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Things are happening in K-Pop Sweden. In a few weeks we’ll have Scandinavia’s first K-Pop concert when VIXX come here to perform and yesterday Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) were here for a fanmeet. Needless to say, I went there.

The fanmeet was held at a school in Stockholm near where I have my Korean classes. The whole thing was pretty well coordinated with tons of information on Facebook leading up to the event. A lot of people came. About 700!

I went there with a friend of mine who also likes EYK, but I saw several people I know from the Korean school and my teacher was there as well. After passing through a very elaborate queueing system we came into the room for the fanmeet. … Continue reading


I had Eat You Kimchi’s Music Monday playlist playing in the background while working today, and I agree with Martina about the group GI and their latest song Booshit (뻥치지마) (Feat. Dok2). I like it. I was a bit deterred by the “24K cash & money” stuff at the beginning, but once I got past that part it quickly grew on me. It’s the kind of song I’d like to play while driving, but it also works well for work as it turns out (headphones).


GI (지아이/Global Icon) debuted back in April with the song Beatles, which I also like after checking it out today. They’re kind of a hip hop-ish k-pop group. I’m going to continue checking them out.


Speaking of Eat Your Kimchi, Simon and Martina are coming to Sweden this weekend (yes, I’m going!).


The song that has really stuck with me the past few weeks is NC.A’s My Student Teacher (교생쌤), that I wrote a little about before. Since then I’ve watched some videos of her performing this song and another one on TV and radio shows and she’s much younger than I thought from just hearing her voice. She’s turning 17 next month. It does make the lyrics to her debut song sound more age appropriate, though :) .

Music Bank performance:

Another thing I noticed was the pronunciation of her stage name, NC.A. I should have looked at how it’s written in hangeul (앤씨아) because it’s an “ah” at the end, not “ay”. From one of the interviews I watched I think she said that it stood for something like “new creative artist”.

The other song she’s been performing on the radio shows and show cases has been It Rained All Day (하루 종일 비가 내렸어) by DIA. It has a nice sound to it and NC.A sings it very well in my opinion. I hope she includes it on her first album.

This is a fan cam from one of her performances. There’s a lot of noise from the audience. There are other videos of her singing this song, but I liked this one:

I also read that she’ll be acting in the drama Reply 1994 (응답하라 1994), which starts next month. It’s a sequel (or prequel – I don’t know) to Reply 1997, which I haven’t seen, but it’s supposed to be very good from what I’ve heard. NC.A’s role appears to be pretty small though, since she’s not mentioned (NC.A or 임소은) in any of the cast lists I’ve seen.

NC.A’s twitter, facebook and youtube.


NC.A is a new artist on the K-Pop scene. I caught her music video on youtube and, while the lyrics sound a little silly perhaps, I really like the song for some reason. It’s cute and NC.A has a really nice voice.

It’s not her in the video. It’s Hye-ri from Girl’s Day (which I also like, by the way).



It’s really nice how Loen Ent. subtitles all (or at least most of) the videos they publish on youtube. Both music videos and interviews and the like.


Earlier today Crayon Pop released the dance version music video for their new single 빠빠빠 (Bar Bar Bar). They’ve previously released a story version, where they play a bad ass girl gang, and a dance practice video.

The choreography is, as usual, very unique and funny. They also execute it very well with all the synchronized moves. The song is a bit simpler than their previous songs, but it’s still very catchy.

Dance ver:

Story ver:

Dance practice (best view of the choreography):

I can’t understand why Crayon Pop aren’t more popular! They’re still struggling to get air time on the big shows. Do they stand out too much? Or is it just that they’re from a smaller label and that not enough people know about them? Their twitter account still only has about 9000 followers, despite being fairly active. Their youtube channel has about 15k subscribers and they have live chats with fans and their Crayon Pop TV show. Not subtitled, though, but still.

I think they’re awesome. Their songs, choreography and performances feel so fresh and energetic and are real mood brighteners.

You should check out their youtube channel and, if you like the song, it’s available on iTunes. Search for 크레용팝.


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