Missing you like crazy (미치게 보고 싶은) is the theme song for Ha Ji-won’s character in the drama series The King 2 Hearts, which is currently airing in Korea. The musical director specifically asked for Tae-yeon to sing the song after working with her previously on Beethoven Virus. After having the song topping the charts, Tae-yeon was given the opportunity to perform a special stage at yesterday’s Music Core.

Tae-yeon ~ Missing you like crazy Live@Music Core 20120428

Tae-yeon ~ Missing you like crazy Live@Music Core 20120428

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Credit: source vid. from soshified

One thing I love about Tae-yeon is how her voice conveys emotion. Her stage presence is also great. I love her stage outfit here, btw.

I haven’t seen The King 2 Hearts yet, but it’s on my “to watch” list.


After finishing Secret Garden, I started watching Dream High 2. It takes place in the same art school as the first Dream High, but a lot has changed. The school has lost its status and is going down the drain when an entertainment company buys it out and sends its own artists, who have been banned from performing for violating a new law prohibiting under-age artists from performing late at night, to attend the school for the time being. It’s not entirely clear what the exact reasoning behind this is.

The actors are all different with the exception of JYP and a few cameo appearances by the original cast.

The main character is Hae-seong, played by Kang So-ra. I recognize her from the movie Sunny. She’s really cute and funny. … Continue reading


I started watching the Korean drama series Secret Garden this weekend. It was recommended to me by a class mate in my Korean course last year. I bought the DVD box in Korea, but I didn’t watch it until now. So far the drama seems pretty good.


It’s about a rich young man, Joo-won (Hyun Bin), who is kind of a jerk and always gets everything his way. One day he runs into Ra-im (Ha Ji-won), who works as a stunt woman. She doesn’t know who Joo-won is and doesn’t tread lightly around him, like everyone else does. After their encounter Joo-won can’t stop thinking about Ra-im. By his logic she is not his type — mostly because she’s poor and doesn’t come from an upper class family — but he can’t get her out of his mind.

I’ve now passed episode 5, where there’s a twist in the story. Joo-won now has more to worry about than getting Ra-im out of his mind (hope I didn’t spoil too much). I thought the drama seemed interesting even before this turn of events, but I look forward to seeing where this is going.

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Today is Kim Tae-yeon’s 23rd birthday. I thought I’d celebrate by wearing my “309″ Tae-yeon beanie today, but I wear that every day so I’m making a Tae-yeon related post too :) .

Let’s start with her awesome Devil’s Cry (intro to Run Devil Run) performance from SNSD’s Japan tour DVD (long overdue):

Tae-yeon ~ Devil's Cry

Tae-yeon ~ Devil’s Cry

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Tae-yeon is my favourite K-Pop artist. On so many levels — she has it all. I’ve seen her (and the rest of SNSD :) ) three times so far. … Continue reading


I need to share this clip from Tae-yeon’s solo performance of the song I Love You (사랑해요) earlier today in Osaka. The song is from the soundtrack of K-drama Athena: Goddess of War.

Tae-yeon ~ I Love You Live@Athena Concert (Osaka Castle Hall) 20120109

Tae-yeon ~ I Love You Live@Athena Concert (Osaka Castle Hall) 20120109

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Credit: Fancam by ccanjuk, via cedge@soshified

I get goosebumps when Tae-yeon is on the verge of breaking into tears when singing “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, but then powers through it. So intense and moving!

Every day I long for you
That’s how my day goes by
Where are you?

I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I can’t forget you
My love come back to me
Don’t leave my side, please


Oh, and if someone sitting within punching distance pulls that laser douchebaggery at Music Bank Paris… well, consider yourself warned.


I watched the last two episodes of Dream High again today. This clip was very suitable for posting. It’s IU’s character Pil-suk, who sings the song Dreaming. This is the song that IU changed the lyrics for on YHY’s Sketchbook.

IU ~ Dreaming (Dream High)

IU ~ Dreaming (Dream High)

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The clip doesn’t contain any big spoilers, but since it’s the second last episode it’s a bit of a spoiler to see where the characters are at. Speaking of spoilers, the English subtitles on the DVD give away who “K” is a little too early in the final episode (they use “her/him” when referring to “K”).


I’ve just started watching the Korean drama series Mary Stayed Out All Night (매리는 외박중). It’s also known as Marry Me, Mary, but I prefer the more literal translation. I’ve been meaning to watch this drama for a while. The main reason being that the protagonist is played by Moon Geun-young.


I’m only two episodes in (out of 16), but I like it a lot so far. The tone of the drama is light hearted. There are dramatic and sad parts, but over all it’s a cute story that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy :) . Basically it’s about Mary, who has quit her studies because she can’t afford her tuition due to her dad’s debts, which are mainly due to his being conned. One night she runs into (literally) a musician named Mu-gyeol, played by singer/actor Jang Geun-suk. In order to make sure Mary has a good life (and finances), her father arranges for her to marry Jeong In, the son of a rich old friend of his. Mary opposes this and asks Mu-gyeol to pretend to be her fiancée to make her father drop the plans of an arranged marriage.

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The people who know me on twitter and facebook already know this but, last week I was in Seoul! It was totally awesome! I’m going to write more about it later. For now I’m posting pictures of some of the booty I brought home.

Let’s start with the SNSD stuff (yes, I need a separate picture for that :D ):


… Continue reading


Today I finally got my Dream High DVDs that I pre-ordered ages ago. Both boxes come with a bunch of photo cards.


As you can see I also got a “K” keychain with the same design as the K pendant in the drama, but smaller. At first I thought that perhaps they sent this to everyone since the release was delayed, but then I remembered that there was going to be a “lucky draw” for those who pre-ordered the first volume, and I guess I won! :D

The keychain comes in a jewellery box. The gift bag is also for the keychain (it says “the kiss” on the back of the amulet too). I didn’t really get why it came with a gift bag until I saw the price tag: 50,000 won. That’s over US$47! I wouldn’t have paid that much.

I’ll probably add more info about the quality of the subtitles later, but judging by the first episode they seem pretty good.


Today I received three out of the five packages of K-Pop and J-Pop goodness that I’ve ordered. I haven’t ordered much this spring… until now that is.


The items … Continue reading


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