The other day I watched the movie Blind, starring Kim Ha-neul. It’s about a former police academy cadet, Soo-ah, who has lost her eyesight in an accident. One day she crosses paths with a serial killer. It all starts with a hit and run, that Soo-ah witnesses (she’s riding in the car at the time, but gets out before the driver leaves with the victim in the trunk). The police officer in charge is told to close the investigation since the only witness is blind, but Soo-ah insists that he questions her as he would any other witness. He is impressed with the level of detail in Soo-ah’s description and starts looking for the perpetrator. Meanwhile, his colleagues are busy dealing with a series of missing person cases.

The movie is pretty decent. There are some scenes showing what she “sees” based on the sounds she hears, and so on, that are pretty neat but short, so you’re not fully immersed.