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I’ve placed a bunch of orders from various places recently and now they’re starting to arrive :) . Today I got a package from Korea. It consisted of IU’s 2013 calendar, an IU button set and the Tae-yeon version of I Got a Boy. My two favourites. And enough bubble wrap to last a lifetime.


I know I’m super late in getting the I Got a Boy album. I blame YesAsia. I was set to order the Tae-yeon version from day one, but they decided to only sell the album with the version picked randomly. I had already bought the album on iTunes anyway. I wanted Tae-yeon!! :lol:

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Tae-yeon singing Rihanna’s Take a Bow at Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook back in June.

Tae-yeon ~ Take A Bow Live@YHY's Sketchbook 20120602

Tae-yeon ~ Take A Bow Live@YHY’s Sketchbook 20120602

14MB 2:07 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

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Looking and sounding great!


If this doesn’t put you in a good mood for the weekend, I don’t know what will :) (if you’re a Tae-yeon fan).

It’s a video collage of Tae-yeon that’s really really cute!


Credit: wacom. Song: Dancing Queen by Crayon Pop

Clarification: this video is just a video collage that uses Crayon Pop’s Dancing Queen as background music. It doesn’t have anything to do with SNSD’s new song Dancing Queen :) .

Tae-yeon @ Bangkok concert 121125

I figure that if I like a picture enough to use it as a wallpaper, it warrants a post on the blog as well. I’m currently using this photo of Tae-yeon from the concert in Bangkok as my lock screen wallpaper on my phone. Awesome photo!

For my home screen I’m using this nice photo of Yoon-a, Tae-yeon looking at Yu-ri’s post-it notes :) :
Yoon-a Tae-yeon Yu-ri @ Bangkok concert 121125

Credit: as tagged, &

Also, SNSD’s second Japanese album has been released. You can get an idea of what the new songs sound like by checking out this digest (if you can stand the MC):



For no particular reason, here’s a picture of Tae-yeon from an LG 3D TV promotion :3

Tae-yeon LG 3D TV Promotion


Earlier today both Tae-yeon and Seo-hyun posted on Girls’ Generation’s official site wishing S♡NE a happy Chuseok. Tae-yeon with pictures of her dressed in hanbok and Seo-hyun with pictures from her CeCi shoot.

Links to the official site: Tae-yeon, Seo-hyun (beware of the auto-playing music)

  • Tae-yeon Chuseok greeting in hanbok
  • Tae-yeon Chuseok greeting in hanbok
  • Tae-yeon Chuseok greeting in hanbok

It’s funny how different the messages are. Seo-hyun being very formal and Tae-yeon starting with “뿌잉뿌잉” (bbuing bbuing) :lol: . Tae-yeon looks so cute in hanbok, doing aegyo for the fans. Seo-hyun looks flawless.

  • Seo-hyun Chuseok greeting from CeCi shoot
  • Seo-hyun Chuseok greeting from CeCi shoot

For translations check out soshified: Tae-yeon, Seo-hyun

“사랑해요 좋아해요 소원^^” ᅲᅲ ♥

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I was spazzing so hard when I first heard that Tae-yeon was going to sing a song on the soundtrack for To the Beautiful you (아름다운 그대에게). I kind of like Tae-yeon (fun game: try to locate the biggest understatement in this post :) ) and I like all of her drama soundtrack songs. She really is the queen of drama soundtracks. The song is called Closer (가까이) and was first heard at the end of episode 5. It’s a really nice ballad. I like the whole soundtrack, but Closer and Stand Up are the best songs, imo.

Tae-yeon ~ Closer Live@Inkigayo 20120916

Tae-yeon ~ Closer Live@Inkigayo 20120916

31MB 3:45 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

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The video clip is from Tae-yeon’s performance of the song at Inkigayo. I wish I were there! >_< Look how close to the stage everyone is standing.

As for the drama, I’ve watched 12 episodes so far. While the plot is a bit uneven, I like this drama a lot. I’ve been rooting for Eun-gyeol since the beginning, but I’ve had the feeling from the start that it won’t end the way I would like. I’m glad he decided to do what he did in episode 11, though (차은결 파이팅!). The last episodes will air next week. How will it end?! :)

Tae-yeon UFO September 2012

Tae-yeon updated her UFO (Korean site where fans can send questions to and get answers from K-Pop stars) picture.

So cute!

She also posted these pictures on the official Girls’ Generation site (SMTown):

  • Tae-yeon selca
  • Tae-yeon selca Music Core

Oh, hey! 1000th post.


This is what I ordered for this summer as far as K-Pop (and J-Pop) items go.


I’ve stopped ordering “album + poster” packages, since I already have loads of posters that I don’t have up on the walls. But I couldn’t resist the poster for IU’s latest single Spring of a Twenty Year Old. I’ve wanted an IU poster for a while and I’ve kind of regretted not asking if I could buy one that was on display in a music store in Seoul. It fit in a frame I had lying around too, so that’s a plus. … Continue reading


Arirang Korea Today did an interview with TaeTiSeo where they talked about what it’s like being in a sub-unit and how the music video shooting went. They’ve put the interview, with English subtitles, on their youtube channel:



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