Here’s another one of YUI’s songs performed in Korean by Tae-yeon of SNSD in the musical version of Midnight Sun.

Tae-yeon ~ Good-bye days Live@Midnight Sun Musical 20100605

Tae-yeon ~ Good-bye days Live@Midnight Sun Musical 20100605

25MB 3:54 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

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This time it’s without the guitar. The Korean version sounds really nice.

You can download the whole show here.


In this video Tae-yeon (of SNSD) performs YUI’s song It’s Happy Line as a part of the Korean musical Midnight Sun.

Tae-yeon ~ It's happy line Live@Midnight Sun Musical 20100605

Tae-yeon ~ It’s happy line Live@Midnight Sun Musical 20100605

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No, she’s not actually playing the guitar here. Not unless she found some kind of magic chord that sounds like a whole bunch of different chords ;) . Her vocals are great though.

You can download the whole show here.


I know some of you guys have been waiting for Tae-yeon’s musical performance in Midnight Sun.

Tae-yeon ~ Midnight Sun Musical 20100605

Tae-yeon ~ Midnight Sun Musical 20100605

406MB 1:14:55 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

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Mediafire mirror (split into 5 parts, use 7-zip to recombine):
(part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Credit: source vid. cozy@jpopsuki

This torrent has the entire musical in PSP-friendly video. I think it’s the biggest file I’ve posted to date. The video is in Korean and does not have subtitles.

For those who don’t know, Midnight Sun (태양의 노래) is a Korean musical version of the Japanese movie (which is based on a book as I understand it) with the same name (Midnight Sun/太陽の歌).

Tae-yeon from Girls’ Generation plays the part of Kaoru … Continue reading


100 days with Mr. Arrogant (Naesarang ssagaji) is a Korean romantic comedy that I’d been meaning to watch for a long time, but I didn’t get around to it until last week. I know Kim Jae-won from the drama series Romance, but it was the first time I saw Ha Ji-won.

Ha Ji-won plays Kang Ha-yeong, a high-school senior who runs into Kim Jae-won’s character Lee Hyeong-jun when she, after having been dumped by her boyfriend, kicks a beer can down the street and causes a minor traffic accident where Hyeong-jun slightly damages his luxurious car. Since she doensn’t have any money he demands her to be his slave for 100 days to work off the debt.

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As you already know, Tae-yeon from SNSD stars as Kaoru in the Korean musical version of Midnight Sun. Some audio and video has started to show up on YouTube and in the clip below you can hear (no video) Tae-yeon sing a Korean version of Good-bye days.


She sings very well and the Korean version is nice. But I had expected them to have original music in the musical, not just Korean versions of YUI’s songs :?

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Ever since I started watching Korean movies, I’ve wanted to taste Soju. It looks like it could be pretty disgusting, but I want to try it anyway. :)

The problem has been that soju isn’t available in Sweden. You can get it at Korean restaurants (which aren’t aplenty), but it isn’t available at bars or “Systembolaget” (the Swedish Alcohol Retailing Monopoly, the one and only liquor store chain in Sweden). You can’t even special order it unless you find an importer yourself that can supply Systembolaget with the items you want.

A while ago I, more or less by chance, found an importer that carries soju and today I got the two bottles of Jinro Chamiseul soju that I had ordered (as depicted)! :D

I haven’t tasted it yet, but soon…

edit: now I’ve tasted it


As I mentioned briefly before, Tae-yeon of Girls’ Generation has been cast to play Kaoru Amane in the musical version of Taiyou no uta (Midnight Sun). A role previously played by YUI in the movie version and Erika Sawajiri in the drama version. Taeyangeui norae is the Korean title, which I believe is a literal translation of the Japanese title (song of the sun).

  • Tae-yeon Midnight Sun promo
  • Tae-yeon Midnight Sun promo

According to Daily K-Pop News Tae-yeon has been practising playing the guitar a lot for this role. It’d be so cool to see her play and sing as Kaoru. She has a lot to live up to though, after YUI’s performance as Kaoru.

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Innovative Language Learning, who run KoreanClass101, are celebrating 101 million downloads by giving away 101 free life-time premium subscriptions to any one of their language sites.

To enter you just need to sign up for a free account (click the link below).


The contest ends when they hit 101 million downloads, which is pretty soon.

Our School E.T.

I watched the Korean movie Our School E.T. the other day. I bought it because Park Bo-young (from Scandal Makers) is in it.

The movie is about a gym teacher who goes the extra mile to take care of students who are having troubles. E.T. in the title first stands for his unorthodox/alien ways to handle things, but then it stands for English teacher once he is faced with the “choice” of being fired or start teaching English.

The story has a nice message and there are a few good moments - I got a little Great Teacher Onitsuka vibe once in a while - but the delivery of said story is not very good I’m afraid.

I’m a very patient person, but … Continue reading


The walls of my “new” apartment (I moved in nearly eight months ago) have been empty because I haven’t been able to decide what to put up on them (except for the SNSD poster I have in my bedroom :) ).

I wanted to find some nice artwork or framed photos that would give me positive associations as well as look a bit more “grown up” than the J-Pop posters I had in my old apartment.

I was thinking about how I wanted something that represents me and what I like. Besides Asian pop music I also enjoy … Continue reading


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