Nearly two weeks ago I attended UFC Sweden for the second time (UFC on Fuel TV 9). It was fun. Some great fights, even though the main event had been changed since Alexander Gustafsson wasn’t allowed to fight due to a cut (split eyebrow, I think). I was really impressed with the Irish fighter Conor McGregor. Many Swedish fighters performed well too. Tor Troeng owned fellow TUF contender Adam Cella.


The audience was really supportive of the Swedish fighters. Except one. Chris Spång, who looked extremely nervous and tentative. People were cheering when he walked in with the Swedish flag and when the fight started, but after a couple minutes without action the cheers died down. A guy behind me shouted out his frustration “Men slååå-råååå!!” (”Punch FFS!!”).

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I wrote a little about women’s MMA a few years ago. Since then I’ve been loosely following the women’s divisions in Strikeforce. Other than that I’ve watched Invicta once, I think.

The first time I saw Ronda Rousey fight in MMA was when she captured the Strikeforce title, no wait, it was her first title defence (I had missed some shows). I was really impressed with her crisp technique. For those who don’t know her, she comes from a Judo background where she got the bronze medal at the Olympics back in ‘08. She was undefeated in MMA before her UFC title defence and had won all her fights via first round armbar submission. Even when her opponents knew what was coming, they didn’t stand a chance. Those were fights that I showed my buddies youtube clips of (viewer discretion advised, though).

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Yesterday I attended UFC Sweden. The first UFC show ever held in Sweden. Mixed martial arts is pretty much the only sport I watch. I just don’t have much interest in watching other sports. Never have. I’ve never been to a live event before, though.

The whole thing felt a bit surreal. I saw a story in a daily newspaper about Swedish MMA fighter Alexander Gustafsson the day before yesterday and it said “[bla bla] at a sold out Globen”. Globen (Ericsson Globe) is Sweden’s largest indoor arena. It was nice to see some positive coverage of MMA in Swedish news, but it came as a bit of a shock to me because I had completely missed that the UFC was coming here! I don’t know how it happened, but it had completely passed under my radar.

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As you probably can guess from my previous post, I like to watch MMA fights. Mostly I’ve watched the UFC and the Ultimate Fighter series. I used to watch Pride FC before the owners of the UFC bought them out.

They show quite a lot of MMA on Swedish TV. I was quite impressed when I saw that TV4 Sport aired UFC 99 only one week after it was aired in the U.S. And I just saw that they are airing UFC 100 live (!). … Continue reading


The one picture of Arianny in the gallery was feeling lonely, so I added some more :)

Arianny Celeste is a UFC octagon girl. I think she’s pretty (despite the fake boobs), but it’s hard to find photo shoots of her where she doesn’t pout her lips (which I think looks cheap, she’s much prettier when she smiles). … Continue reading


I just finished watching UFC 86. Man that was an exciting title fight! It felt like either Forrest or Rampage could win at any time. I was putting my hands up guarding the punches all the time :lol:

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Swedish This post is in Swedish

Jag zappade just in på TV4 Sport som ersatt Eurosport där jag bor och såg att, inte nog med att de just nu visar IFL (international fight league), imorgon ska de visa UFC 75 live från London! Det här är ju kanon! Först tyckte jag att det var lite synd att Eurosport försvann eftersom de visade Pride o.d. emellanåt, men det här är ju much better! :D

Missa inte UFC 75 imorgon lördag kl. 20:55-00:00. Här ska bullas upp och bänka sig framför TV:n.


I watched the latest episode of The Ultimate fighter earlier today (season 5 episode 8 ). In this episode two of the eliminated fighters got into a “street fight” where they pummeled each other in the yard outside the house where the fighters live. The following day UFC president Dana White came by and held a speech about how disgusted he was with their behaviour and how this ruined the image of MMA fighters as athletes that he’d been working to establish. In fact, he was so disgusted that he decided to include the entire fight in this episode and even showed the fight in the trailer to boost the ratings.


Now The Ultimate Fighter season 5 has started and I must say that it looks better than the previous season. The structure of this show is more “classical” with training, fights and a little drama. There will be more fights this season that the previous ones, which is nice. And the ring girl this season is Arianny Celeste which is sooo fine. She’s the prettiest of the octagon girls. … Continue reading


There’s a lot of good stuff on TV at the moment. By “on TV” I don’t mean Swedish TV, but stuff that’s available for download :P . The new season of Gilmore Girls has begun. The same goes for Battlestar Galactica. I watched the first two seasons not so long ago. A lot of people had talked about it at work so I decided to give it a try. Another series I like is the Unit.

Then there’s the Ultimate Fighter TV series which has become better since they reached the semi-finals. Now it’s more like the previous seasons where you get to see more of the training. There are also a lot of UFC and Pride events at the moment. There’s been one almost every week.

A series I started watching last weekend is Heroes. It seems interesting from what I’ve seen so far.

I started watching Hex, but I haven’t gotten into it. The pilot was good, but then, meh. I’m also watching the anime Bleach.

So, there are plenty of shows to watch, or as one of my colleagues would put it, waste my life on. In his opinion my whole life is a waste of time. He didn’t direct it to me, but he told me some things that he thought were “wasting your life” and it was like 90% of what I do on my spare time. Everything that isn’t renovating your house or polishing your boat is wasting your life according to him.


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