Crayon Pop is still one of my favourite groups. They’ve just finished recording their comeback album which will be released in June, if I’m not mistaken. Teaser images have suggested a different, non-tracksuit, concept. Perhaps a bit sexier. We’ll see. That makes me think of a clip I saw of Crayon Pop where someone mentioned a sexy concept and how they wouldn’t be able to pull it off and Cho-a said: “I would” :lol: . I hope they keep their cute and sassy style, though.

They’ve also announced that they’ll be adding a sixth member for their Japanese promotions. Her name is Arisa.


So, to the main reason for this post. I’ve been waiting for Crayon Pop to release their song “1,2,3,4″ that they’ve been performing since last year, but it hasn’t been released as far as I know. I’ve heard the song in English and Japanese. Not in Korean so far. The Japanese version sounds a bit cutesier than the English version, but both are very good.

Here’s the Japanese version. … Continue reading


A little while ago Ryu Hwa-young posted a tweet with a link to an audio clip of her rapping. She’s practising writing lyrics at the moment and seems to be on her way back after having been kicked out of T-ara a little over a month ago. I’m looking forward to her future comeback :D .

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Today is Kim Tae-yeon’s 23rd birthday. I thought I’d celebrate by wearing my “309″ Tae-yeon beanie today, but I wear that every day so I’m making a Tae-yeon related post too :) .

Let’s start with her awesome Devil’s Cry (intro to Run Devil Run) performance from SNSD’s Japan tour DVD (long overdue):

Tae-yeon ~ Devil's Cry

Tae-yeon ~ Devil’s Cry

18MB 2:14 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

Tae-yeon is my favourite K-Pop artist. On so many levels — she has it all. I’ve seen her (and the rest of SNSD :) ) three times so far. … Continue reading


I really like YUI’s latest single Green I had it in a playlist that I was listening to today and every time the song came up I got an (for lack of a better word) eargasm :) .

  • Green cover
  • Green cover

Buy the single here.

I posted the music video here.


OK, I can’t wait for this song to be released any longer, so I made a PV rip of the song to listen to for the time being.

Update: added 320 kbps CD rip. Tags are in Japanese.

Mr. Taxi

When I first heard of Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese single Mr. Taxi I was sceptical. The concept (and title) sounded kind of lame to me. Then the song was leaked and I listened to it a bit. On the surface it doesn’t seem like a song I would like, but it’s very catchy and hard to get out of your head once it’s in there. I like it.

Last I heard was that this song is only going to be promoted in Japan, so no Korean version is expected. The single will be released in less than a week. You can pre-order it here if you want.

The leaked track is not the best quality, but definitely good enough to form an opinion about the song.

Credit: niiwa@jpopsuki


Just posting an mp3 of IU’s Marshmallow (마쉬멜로우) for a friend of mine :) .

The song is form IU’s second mini-album iu…im.

I already posted the music video earlier.


Last year YUI visited Sweden (unbeknownst to me at the time >_<). You can see footage from parts of her visit in the music video for Your Heaven. You'll see scenes from Stockholm and Gotland.

It’s a really nice song.

YUI ~ Your Heaven

YUI ~ Your Heaven

21MB 3:17 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

I recognize many scenes from Stockholm. I haven’t been to Gotland yet, but I have friends who grew up there.

From what I’ve heard, the lyrics to Your Heaven are inspired from YUI’s experience of the Swedish scenery :D .

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Mia (미아) is the title track from IU’s debut mini-album Lost and Found. It’s a very nice ballad. I really like it. She was only 15 years old at the time of this performance.

IU ~ Mia Live@YDH's Love Letter 20081024

IU ~ Mia Live@YDH’s Love Letter 20081024

24MB 3:43 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

Credit: source vid. yoobin.skyrock

I uploaded this for a friend a while ago. He also got an mp3, and my blog readers deserve no less ;)

Mia is also included on her full-length album Growing Up.


Here’s DAI’s Kagaku no Yoru (科学の夜) in mp3 format for TweetoTrill.

The first track is from the Gates of Heaven album and the second is from the Live in Japan album. The live track has the same arrangement (long ending) as the video I posted earlier, but it was recorded on a different date.


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