Mai Kudo 


By Ujo’s request, here are Mai Kudo/Ruppina’s songs Reborn and Squair from the Reborn single:

I had actually never heard squair before either. It’s pretty good.



It’s been a while since I last listened to Ruppina’s songs. She has such a beautiful voice. Here are two PVs from her best of album. Violet Flow is one of my favourite songs of hers and You Are is her own favourite PV from that era according to the interview on the same disc.

Ruppina ~ Violet Flow for PSPRuppina ~ Violet Flow for PSP

32MB 4:58 H.264/AVC 480×272

(download | thumbnail)

(how to play)

Ruppina ~ You Are for PSPRuppina ~ You Are for PSP

34MB 5:21 H.264/AVC 480×272

(download | thumbnail)


Ruppina (Mai Kudo) sings pretty well. Here’s a part of her concert at Velfarre 2004.09.18, taken from the DVD that comes with her Best of album.

Ruppina ~ If~Free Will~Faith LiveRuppina ~ If~Free Will~Faith Live

198MB 15:08 XviD 624×468

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(sample) 10 MB 00:44

Ruppina ~ If~Free Will~Faith Live for PSPRuppina ~ If~Free Will~Faith Live for PSP

58MB 15:08 H.264/AVC 368×208


(how to play)

This video is kind of big, so you can check out the sample video before downloading the torrent if you like.


Since I already posted two of Mai’s PVs for the PSP earlier I thought I’d post the remaining PV Reborn as well, but both for PC and the PSP.

The rip is from the DVD that comes with Mai’s album MAISELF.

Reborn Mai ~ Reborn PV

98MB 5:58 XviD 624×352

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(direct download)

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Mai / Ruppina

I started listening to Mai Kudo about a week ago. I had never heard of her before that. Apparently she performed under the name Ruppina before her recent album Maiself (which I should be getting any day now). I managed to download some Ruppina songs the other day and listened to them in my MP3-player today as I was walking into town to vote (election in Sweden). Her voice is so nice and the songs are very good and easy listening. I’m glad to have found a new (new for me) artist that I like. I think I’m going to get her Ruppina BEST album, which is pretty cheap for a Japanese CD+DVD album.

I’ll update this post with more info later. I’m so tired right now :lol:

Click the picture. She’s very pretty. I’m going to update my gallery script to give bigger thumbnails in the blog… tomorrow.. .zzzzzzz

update: I think I’ll put one or two MP3s here to show how Ruppina sounds. I’ll have to pick some favourites first. I’ve been in meetings all day, so I haven’t had time to listen to all the songs yet ;)

update: now it’s time for bed again, but I haven’t forgotten. Here are some Ruppina songs:


Mai Kudo (工藤舞) or just Mai (舞) is a Japanese singer that I hadn’t heard of until only a few days ago when she was introduced to me by ChrisKay over at AHN. I’ve listened to her songs the past two days at work and they’re pretty good. A thing about Mai that sort of grabs your attention, whether you like it or not, is that she doesn’t wear clothes in the traditional sense in her PVs or on her album cover for that matter. Anyways, I downloaded her PVs the other day (from jpopsuki) and just quickly converted two of them to PSP compatible H.264/AVC video for the people (including myself) who’d like to have Mai on their PSP. So you can take a look for yourself.

Princess CandyPrincess Candy PV (4′03″ 17MB)


EyesEyes PV (4′40″ 18MB)


To play the videos on your PSP, unzip the files preserving the directory structure and put them in the corresponding folder on your memory stick (MP_ROOT\120ANV01). The mp4 file is the video and the THM file is the thumbnail image (the same as the ones above). When you’ve put the files in the correct folder on your memory stick you should be able to see the videos in the video menu.

If you want to play the videos on your PC you need a recent version of Quicktime or you need to have a h.264/AVC codec installed. Unzip the files and open the mp4 file with Quicktime.

Enjoy! :D

PS. Please feel free to leave comments :)