I absolutely love the outfits the girls are wearing in this performance of The Boys from Music Core. Great performance!

Girls' Generation ~ The Boys Live@Music Core 20111112

Girls’ Generation ~ The Boys Live@Music Core 20111112

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This aired on the 12th, but it was recorded on the 5th. Music Core has been lagging behind since they cancelled the show due to some baseball thing two weeks ago.

How do I know it’s from last week? Because I was there!! :D We got to stand right in front of the stage. Really close to the girls! They are so beautiful that it’s almost unreal! I tried to get a good look at all the girls, but I couldn’t help staring at Tae-yeon all the time :lol: . She just draws me in.

They edited the audience sound in the broadcast. We screamed so much that you almost couldn’t hear the music. We also did a fan-chant during the instrumental part, but they edited it out :( . And by “we” I mean SONE (SNSD fans, 소원/S♡NE).

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