There’s an album out called She Loves You, which is a tribute album to YUI where other artists cover her songs. I really like this album. My reservation is that some of the covers are perhaps a bit too straight forward. I think that a great cover is an interpretation where the artists adds their unique traits to the song. Many of the covers on this album, while good, sound a lot like the original songs. Maybe the artists who participated are just too similar to YUI. That said, it’s definitely worth a listen. I’ve been listening to and enjoying it a lot this week.

I thought I’d share some thoughts on each track:

1. SCANDAL - How Crazy. A pretty straight forward cover with slightly heavier electric guitars and drums.
2. Negoto - Tomorrow’s Way. I like her voice and the way she half-speaks during the verse. The song is a lot more “filled out” with sound than the original. Lots of drums and even a little “noise”. Maybe I should recommend this song to a friend of mine who listens to “noise music” (not enough of it perhaps). I’m a sucker for all-over-the-place-y drums like the ones in this song.
3. miwa - Good-bye days. … Continue reading