Lately I’ve been listening to Korean (speed) rapper Outsider quite a bit. Here’s Loner (외톨이) from his 2009 album Maestro.

Outsider ~ Loner

Outsider ~ Loner

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Credit: source vid. bambimiri.blogspot

It’s not really the most typical Outsider song, but I like it. The strings remind me of a movie soundtrack. At first I thought about Windstruck, then Daisy. Something with Jeon Ji-hyeon. I just listened through the soundtrack of each movie (both movies are favourites) and although it fits with the feeling of both movies it’s probably closest to Windstruck. On that soundtrack it was MC Sniper who did the rapping.

The first time I heard this song was the instrumental version on The Outsider. I normally don’t include instrumental versions of songs on my iPod, but I made an exception this time.