There are a few things that bug me about Rainbow’s recent comeback and first “full-length album” release. First, the style isn’t very Rainbow-like. The first part of the album consists of mostly bland cutesy sugar pop. The title track is pretty decent, but the rest of the songs sound like something written for and rejected by label mate KARA.

It’s a shame that they don’t make better use of Woo-ri’s rapping. She’s actually quite good. I’d like to link to a clip of her speed rapping with Outsider, but the clip was taken off Youtube some time ago.

I accept that there are a certain amount of filler songs on an album, but when releasing an album in two parts, isn’t part one supposed to make me want to buy part two? I doubt they saved all the good stuff for the second part.

Rainbow’s been away for so long, I expected a bigger comeback. It doesn’t seem like they’ve been given enough attention by their label.


Rainbow are finally coming back with a new album. The album is called Rainbow Syndrome. It’s their first full-length album, but apparently it’s going to be released in two parts :? , with the first part being set for release tomorrow along with the music video for the title track Tell me tell me.


The sound of the song in the teaser sounds pretty familiar. I can’t quite pinpoint where I’ve heard the sound before. Hopefully it will flare out a bit in the full version.

I lo-ho-hove Woo-ri’s short hair! :D

edit: now the full music video is out


Here’s a performance of Mach (마하) by Rainbow from last year.

Rainbow ~ Mach Live@Inkigayo 20101107

Rainbow ~ Mach Live@Inkigayo 20101107

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Ji-sook looks so adorable with her pink-striped hair.


Sweet Dream is Rainbow’s latest song. The chorus sounds like it’s from/for a video game. Or perhaps it’s the keyboard bit that gives me another DJ Max flashback. I like it though. Not as much as To Me, but still good (”it’s still good, it’s still good”).

Rainbow ~ Sweet Dream

Rainbow ~ Sweet Dream

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I think Woo-ri is getting hotter every time I see her. Oh man! This made me think of this clip I saw where Woo-ri was speed-rapping with Outsider, but now I can’t find it! It’s been removed from youtube :( .

Sweet Dream is the title track of the “repackaged version” of their second mini album. It’s a bit weirdly repackaged though. They’ve not just added a couple of new songs to first version of the mini-album. Instead they removed all songs except To Me and added a god-awful remix. So basically it’s a single for Sweet Dream under a different name.

I meant to post this video last week. Srz for the delay. I’ve been busy slacking :P .

The video is kind of jerky when the camera pans around. It’s like that in all versions I’ve seen. Btw, I guess I would’ve felt like having a Jägermeister after watching this if it weren’t for how disgusting it is lol. I’d have a Bacardi and Coke though, but I’m out of Coke.


Today I received three out of the five packages of K-Pop and J-Pop goodness that I’ve ordered. I haven’t ordered much this spring… until now that is.


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A is one of Rainbow’s songs from last year. It’s included on their latest mini-album So 女 where To Me is the title track. This video is a bit… trying to find the right word here… sluttier than To Me, which I posted earlier. It’s kind of catchy though. Been listening to their mini-album quite a bit this past week.

Rainbow ~ A

Rainbow ~ A

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Credit: source vid. rlaqhgml28@jpopsuki

The one whose appearance changed the most from A to To Me has to be Yoon-hye. If you’re new to the group, can you spot her?


I first heard To Me (내게로) when I watched Music Bank streamed last friday. It’s the comeback track for the Korean girl group Rainbow and it’s quite catchy. I went from “Hey, this is pretty good” to “I think I’ll just put the music video on repeat” after only a few listens :lol: .

Rainbow ~ To Me

Rainbow ~ To Me

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Credit: source vid. k2nblog via janssen@jpopsuki

LOL @ 3:24 in the video :) .

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Ninja Assassin

I watched the movie Ninja Assassin yesterday. Although it’s starring Korean actor/pop star Rain, it’s not what most people would call a chick flick.

The movie is produced by the Wachowski brothers (Matrix, V for Vendetta) and directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta), but as I’m sure you’ve already guessed from the title, it’s not so much about a deep meaningful story as it is about ninjas chopping people into bits.

The opening scene sets the tone of the movie right away. It’s extremely bloody. But not in a disgusting way. People are dismembered right and left, but they stop there. They don’t do any “weird” things to people. It’s just a bloody action movie (literally).

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