LG Roboking

I recently bought an LG Roboking robotic vacuum cleaner and thought I’d write up a review of it, and perhaps clear up some misconceptions I’ve seen online.

The version I got is the LG Roboking VR6171LVM, which is the second newest Korean model at the moment. The Roboking is sold under the name LG Hom-bot in a few European countries, but not here in Sweden.

I will be comparing it to my old iRobot Roomba Discovery SE (4xx-series). I’ve been using the Roboking daily for about two and a half weeks.

Prepare for a loooong read :) . … Continue reading


I’ve written previously about the iRobot Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner that I bought in November 2006. I’ve had it replaced once (broken speaker) and repaired once (dead battery) within its two year warranty.

Recently the Roomba stopped working again. Yesterday I did some diagnostics and it turned out that the right outer cliff sensor wasn’t working properly. The infra-red detector was working (it reacted to the beam from a virtual wall), but the emitter wasn’t… emitting. I could tell by looking through my digital camera, which picks up infra-red light.

IR diodes

I didn’t want to buy a new Roomba, since they’re quite expensive. And the problem annoyed me since I don’t even need a cliff sensor. I live in a one floor apartment.

The warranty period had passed last year, so I took out a screwdriver and … Continue reading

New Roomba

New Roomba

I sent my iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner for service some time ago. There were no big problems with it. I basically wanted to grease the wheels that had started squeaking a little, but iRobot support refused to answer if and how I could do this myself without voiding the warranty. … Continue reading

Roomba in docking station

Roomba in docking station

Cleaning your home can be satisfying but it’s also very very boring. I’ve estimated that I have to vacuum my apartment at least two times a week (preferably more often) to keep it tidy. I’m way too lazy to do that. This is where the Roomba enters the picture. It’s a robotic vacuum cleaner that offers to do the dirty work for you. The Roomba has its limitations but I’m glad I bought it. … Continue reading