Ryu Hwa-young 


A little while ago Ryu Hwa-young posted a tweet with a link to an audio clip of her rapping. She’s practising writing lyrics at the moment and seems to be on her way back after having been kicked out of T-ara a little over a month ago. I’m looking forward to her future comeback :D .

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Let me preface this by saying: What the flying f***?!


CCM, T-ara’s agency, announced today that they’re terminating Hwa-young’s contract and she has now left T-ara. There were a lot of rumours flying around leading up to this. It went something like this (from my perspective): Hwa-young got injured and couldn’t perform at T-ara’s concerts in Japan. Then some of the other members made tweets about dedication, that could be seen as an attack on Hwa-young. See the translation here. Then Hwa-young was kicked out.

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Speed is a sub-unit consisting of the male members from Co-ed School. Here’s the music video for their cover of T-ara’s Lovey-Dovey, featuring Hwa-young from T-ara and, just to mess with our minds, Hwa-young’s twin sister Hyo-young from 5Dolls/Co-ed School.

Speed ~ Lovey-Dovey Plus

Speed ~ Lovey-Dovey Plus

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Credit: source vid. k2nblog

I can’t say I like the cover all that much, but Hyo-young & Hwa-young look great here! You can tell them apart in this video by the hair style and colour. I’m pretty sure that the one we see the most is Hyo-young (please, let me be right about this :lol: ). She has a dimple on her left cheek and a small mole under her right eye (here covered by her hair). We actually don’t see Hwa-young much at all except in a few short cuts, most of which are at the end of the video (assuming that my theory is correct).

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