Just thought I’d share some rumours I’ve heard. The first one is that SM is planning on holding an SMTown concert in Paris again this year. The other is that Girls’ Generation might hold a solo concert in Europe. Nothing official yet, but keep your eyes and ears open for details if your interested in going (and put some money aside :) ).



As you probably know all too well by now, I went to SMTOWN Paris last weekend. It was the first SMTOWN in Europe ever. It was also my first K-Pop concert and my first visit to Paris.

This will be a lot more text than I usually post, but don’t worry, there are pictures further down. I thought about boiling it down to something shorter, but then it would take too long before I could post it.

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In case you wanted to go to SMTOWN in Paris next month, but weren’t able to get tickets, I’m happy to inform you that SM has added a second concert the day after (on June 11th).

The tickets go on sale in less than 10 hours (10:00 Paris time).

You can (try to) buy tickets at Live Nation. (update: Sold out!)


Twitter can be very useful (and in this case costly) sometimes. I saw some sporadic tweets a while ago about SM Entertainment arranging a concert in Paris in June and thought it was cool, but that it would be such a hassle trying to find out where to get tickets, getting to France and all that. Then someone retweeted a link to where you could buy tickets, so I suddenly decided I would go if I could.

The tickets went on sale earlier today (they’re sold out btw) and I’m so glad that I did some research last night and had two different ticket sites open, so that I could try the other one if one failed, because they both went down due to the immense traffic moments after the tickets went up for sale. I think there might be a pent up demand for K-Pop in Europe :) .

I managed to get a hold of a “prestige” ticket (the best seats) with an extra “goodies package”, whatever that is. It was my “panic option”. If I didn’t know what to click, I should click the prestige + goodies button :lol: , so I did. Then the checkout was in French. I don’t speak French. But I could understand enough to click the right buttons and fill out the forms correctly.

The groups performing are SNSD :shock: , f(x) :shock: , Super Junior, SHINee and DBSK. Pretty much all top SM artists except BoA, who’s working on a dance movie in Hollywood right now.

I promise I won’t try to drag Tae-yeon off the stage :lol: .

It’ll be nice to go to Paris too, becuase I’ve actually never been there. Even if it’s just for a couple of days.