Hold on to your sexual insecurity! :lol: Yohio is the lead guitarist of the Swedish visual kei band Seremedy. He’s now pursuing a solo career in Japan and is doing pretty well. I really like SKY☆LiMiT. It’s a good mix of pop and rock performed in Japanese by a Swedish guy wearing a lolita dress. What’s not to like? There’s even growling :) .


Yohio ~ Sky Limit

Yohio ~ Sky Limit

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I saw Yohio in a Swedish newspaper not long ago. Then I watched some TV interviews. Apparently he’s going to compete in the song contest where the winner gets to represent Sweden in the Eurovision song contest. He won’t be singing in Japanese, though. Unfortuntaly. Would’ve been cool and different.

I almost saw Seremedy once, but I think I was out of town when they played here.

Yohio will be releasing his first full-length solo album this spring and I heard that it will be released in English in the EU and in Japanese in Japan. I definitely prefer the sound of the Japanse lyrics. … Continue reading