Shunya Yamashita 

Kiriko Ninja ver.

Just a short post to show you what I got in the mail today. Or, rather, I had to go to the post office and pay import duties for it (lousy customs). It’s finally here! The Hattori Kiriko figure I’ve been waiting for for ages. It’s pure awesomeness :)

I just snapped a quick photo of it. I wish I had set up my “mini studio” now so I could take some proper photos.

It’s designed by Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT). It’s manufactured by Yamato.


*squeal* *squeal*

Yet another figure based on a Shunya Yamashita design is coming out in January. This time it’s a pretty far out version of Ryomou Shimei of Ikki Tousen. It looks almost nothing like the original character - it looks much better!

The 1/6 PVC figure is manufactured by Daiki Kougyo and it’s very very expensive. It costs more than the Kiriko figure I mentioned before. … Continue reading


I’ve once again gotten back into figures. I’m still waiting for my Good Smile Saber Lily Avalon, which will finally be released at the end of this month. I’ve also bought another display case and some LED lights to light up each shelf. I was planning on displaying only a few figures and rotating them, but now I’ll try to display most of them at once if I can arrange them in a tasteful manner.

I’m a fan of Shunya Yamashita’s designs, but I’ve opted out on some of the latest figures, since they haven’t seemed as nice as I would’ve liked. But now they’ve started taking pre-orders for the mother of all Shunya Yamashita figures: Hattori Kiriko Ninja version.


The design is great. I really like the face, and … Continue reading


A couple of days ago I received my biggest order of figures to date. Now I’ve taken a few photos of them after I’ve unpacked them. I took some quick shots in daylight on top of one of my cupboards.

Yoko (Gurren Lagann) 1/8 Eye Up

Let’s start with the Eye Up 1/8 Yoko figure. I’m very happy with this figure. Yoko and Mao were impulse buys that I added to the order right before it was shipped. I really like the pose, her expression and how dynamic it feels. It has a couple of small flaws. … Continue reading


Yesterday I received the Fräulein Revotech Pocco figure that I had pre-ordered at J-List. It looks very good. I really like the eyes. I think this figure looks way better than the Rei Ayami Revoltech figure (which I also have). The joints are also different.

A bad thing about my figure is that the joints on her left arm were loose, so her left arm came apart all the time. … Continue reading


I read super rats’ tutorial for taking indoor photos of figures today. On my way home I went shopping and bought some tracing paper etc. to build a light diffuser for the mini photo studio I was about to build. I didn’t follow the tutorial fully because I don’t have many lamps and they are all pretty weak. I thought I’d give it a go with what I already had (so that the most expensive material I had to buy was a roll of tape).

… Continue reading

Non-non and Ignis

Today I received a big package from Japan. It contained the two most expensive anime figures I’ve bought: Creators’ Labo #012 Shunya Yamashita’s Non-non and Max Factory’s Ignis. I absolutely love them! It was sooo worth it. The photo doesn’t do them justice (I’ll take some better ones later).

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