Sunny with short hair in The Boys teaser
IU with short hair

I recently posted a picture of IU with short hair, that she posted on her fan cafe with the comment that it was her new hair style. Then the teaser for SNSD’s new album were released and Sunny shocked everyone with her short blonde hair.

I like both styles, but then I saw this fantaken photo of IU from yesterday, where she still has long hair. Did IU just troll everyone? It seems like it.


The teaser that was showing Sunny with short hair was recorded some time before September 27th (when the teaser photo was published). However, SNSD performed at Hallyu Dream Concert on October 3rd and there Sunny had her usual long hair. So it seems like my twitter friends were right, that she’s wearing a wig in the teaser T_T. I thought it looked pretty awesome, so I’m a little disappointed actually :lol: .

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