I was a bit sceptical about the drama series Gu Family Book judging by its first couple of episodes, which consisted of the back story for the main plot. However, I stuck with it to see when Suzy’s character would appear and after a few episodes the drama has really taken off. The main characters (Kang-chi, Yeo-wool and Chung-jo) are much more relatable.

Besides Suzy (the reason for my watching the drama in the first place), another beauty is Lee Yoo-bi, who plays Chung-jo … Continue reading



I started watching another Korean drama series the other day. It’s called Gu Family Book (구가의 서). The reason I checked it out is because Suzy (Miss A, Dream High) plays one of the main parts, which the teaser suggests is a pretty bad-ass martial artist. The main character is played by Lee Seung-ki (The King 2 Hearts), but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Gu Family Book is a period/fantasy drama. I generally have a hard time taking these seriously, since … Continue reading


Miss A have just returned with a new album called Independent Women Part III. I haven’t listened to the whole album yet, but I definitely will. I just listened to the song I Don’t Need a Man (남자 없이 잘 살아) and… it’s awesome!

At the beginning of the music video you don’t know quite what to expect. Then the cool choreography starts and the song just flows from there on. I had no expectations for this comeback, but this is great. It has the characteristic Miss A flavour, but is still a new sound for them.


Miss A ~ I Don't Need a Man

Miss A ~ I Don’t Need a Man

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Credit: source vid. cozy@jpopsuki

I was a bit surprised when Jia started rapping all of a sudden. “Isn’t that Min’s job?”. Then Min chimes in :) .

This video also has the most subtle JYP intro I’ve seen so far :) .

My favourite member is Suzy What?♩. The bright red lipstick kind of clashes with the outfit in the dancing scenes (grasping for something to complain about to reduce fanboy level), but other than that she absolutely glows in this video (imho) 진짜♫. Red shirt *silent man-squeel* (love that smile) 정말♬

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