Earlier today both Tae-yeon and Seo-hyun posted on Girls’ Generation’s official site wishing S♡NE a happy Chuseok. Tae-yeon with pictures of her dressed in hanbok and Seo-hyun with pictures from her CeCi shoot.

Links to the official site: Tae-yeon, Seo-hyun (beware of the auto-playing music)

  • Tae-yeon Chuseok greeting in hanbok
  • Tae-yeon Chuseok greeting in hanbok
  • Tae-yeon Chuseok greeting in hanbok

It’s funny how different the messages are. Seo-hyun being very formal and Tae-yeon starting with “뿌잉뿌잉” (bbuing bbuing) :lol: . Tae-yeon looks so cute in hanbok, doing aegyo for the fans. Seo-hyun looks flawless.

  • Seo-hyun Chuseok greeting from CeCi shoot
  • Seo-hyun Chuseok greeting from CeCi shoot

For translations check out soshified: Tae-yeon, Seo-hyun

“사랑해요 좋아해요 소원^^” ᅲᅲ ♥

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Arirang Korea Today did an interview with TaeTiSeo where they talked about what it’s like being in a sub-unit and how the music video shooting went. They’ve put the interview, with English subtitles, on their youtube channel:



These are the best performances of Twinkle this far, in my opinion. I picked two of the ones where they have hand-held microphones. The vocals are more important to me than the dancing and the mics aren’t that much in the way of the choreography anyway.

Despite my aversion to anything with leopard print, I really like Seo-hyun’s outfit here:

Girls' Generation-TTS ~ Twinkle Live@M!Countdown 20120510

Girls’ Generation-TTS ~ Twinkle Live@M!Countdown 20120510

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I love Tae-yeon’s outfit in this one:

Girls' Generation-TTS ~ Twinkle Live@M!Countdown 20120503

Girls’ Generation-TTS ~ Twinkle Live@M!Countdown 20120503

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TaeTiSeo’s first live performance was at M!Countdown the day before yesterday. They performed Twinkle and Baby Steps. I really like Baby Steps and I’m glad they decided to promote it along with Twinkle.

Girls' Generation-TTS ~ Baby Steps Live@M!Countdown 20120503

Girls’ Generation-TTS ~ Baby Steps Live@M!Countdown 20120503

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Baby Steps was originally sung by the American boyband Varsity Fanclub. SM acquired the rights for the song and made a Korean version for TaeTiSeo, which (in my completely unbiased opinion) blows the original out of the water.

According to the message included with the digital album, this is Seo-hyun’s favourite song on the album. I realize that the top picks is probably a marketing thing, but I could see this being her favourite (even though Tae-yeon owns the stage).


SNSD’s first sub-unit TaeTiSeo (소녀시대-태티서/Girls’ Generation-TTS) released their mini-album Twinkle digitally last Sunday. The CD is also out now. I’m pleasantly surprised by this album. I was expecting it to have one good song and then just fillers, but it’s pretty solid all the way through. Baby Steps is really nice (contains good vocabulary if you’re beginning to learn Korean :) ). It’s nice to have all these “vocalist heavy” songs where Tae-yeon, Tiffany and Seo-hyun can show off their skill. Especially Tae-yeon.

SM’s new thing is putting ads in the videos they release online, but this one is ad free (not counting the perfume product placement ;) ).

Girls' Generation-TTS ~ Twinkle

Girls’ Generation-TTS ~ Twinkle

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Credit: source vid. hotsport@jpopsuki

The girls look so great in the video! The dance moves are really cute too. Tae-yeon is so gorgeous and I love Seo-hyun’s cute faces on the roof wearing the red dress.


TaeTiSeo (apparently Girls’ Generation-TTS is the official English name, but TaeTiSeo sounds better to me) are also going to be promoting on the weekly music shows this week, so expect some lives later on. If you’re interested in the official fan-chant, you can find it here (Korean).

This is my favourite picture from the digital booklet that comes with the album when you buy it on iTunes. I’m using (a cropped version of) it as my phone lock screen wallpaper :) .

Tae-yeon Tiffany Seo-hyun Twinkle digital booklet

It looks like the physical album comes with a bunch of photo cards. Going to get that too.

Watch the video on SMTown’s YouTube too, to help raise the view count :) .



SM released additional news about the upcoming mini-album Twinkle by SNSD’s new sub-unit TaeTiSeo (Tae-yeon, Tiffany, Seo-hyun). Before the physical release of the album on May 2nd, the album will be released worldwide on iTunes on April 29th (on Sunday). The title track will be a “funky soul medium-tempo dance music with an arrangement reminiscent of Stevie Wonder style music from the 70s and 80s in harmony with modern feel”. I have no idea how to paraphrase that :lol: , but it sounds interestingly vague :) .

Tae-yeon Tiffany Seo-hyun Twinkle cover

They also released the album cover(?). The concept in that picture is a bit different/toned down from the earlier teaser photos.


Update: a Tae-yeon teaser video and another picture were released:

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I saw this clip from SBS K-Pop Star earlier today. It’s a special collaboration stage where one of the three finalists, Baek A-yeon, is joined by Tae-yeon and Tiffany from SNSD in a performance of Lady Marmalade.

Tae-yeon, Tiffany & Baek A-yeon ~ Lady Marmalade Live@K-Pop Star 20120422

Tae-yeon, Tiffany & Baek A-yeon ~ Lady Marmalade Live@K-Pop Star 20120422

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Credit: source vid. from soshified

It must be discouraging to perform together with Tae-yeon like this :lol: . I don’t follow the show, so I don’t know how A-yeon has performed in the past, but it’s hard to shine next to Tae-yeon :) .

And yes, that’s BoA you see glance by as one of the judges :) . She’s representing SM Entertainment in the show.



Click for bigger image

A sub-unit of Girls’ Generation consisting of Tae-yeon, Tiffany and Seo-hyun has been formed. They will release a mini-album called Twinkle on May 2nd.

Tae-yeon Tiffany Seo-hyun

I’m pretty psyched about this actually. I think it has the potential to be really good. I’m expecting mostly ballads, seeing as how they’ve selected the main vocalists. It’s funny that when I first heard the rumour about a sub-unit consisting of Tae-yeon, Tiffany and Jessica I thought: “Jessica? Why not include Seo-hyun instead?” :) . I think Seo-hyun’s voice is a better match for Tae-yeon’s and Tiffany’s.

According to SM Entertainment, there are more sub-units in the works which will consist of different members depending on the concept and music style.



I absolutely love the outfits the girls are wearing in this performance of The Boys from Music Core. Great performance!

Girls' Generation ~ The Boys Live@Music Core 20111112

Girls’ Generation ~ The Boys Live@Music Core 20111112

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This aired on the 12th, but it was recorded on the 5th. Music Core has been lagging behind since they cancelled the show due to some baseball thing two weeks ago.

How do I know it’s from last week? Because I was there!! :D We got to stand right in front of the stage. Really close to the girls! They are so beautiful that it’s almost unreal! I tried to get a good look at all the girls, but I couldn’t help staring at Tae-yeon all the time :lol: . She just draws me in.

They edited the audience sound in the broadcast. We screamed so much that you almost couldn’t hear the music. We also did a fan-chant during the instrumental part, but they edited it out :( . And by “we” I mean SONE (SNSD fans, 소원/S♡NE).

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In this clip Tiffany and Yu-ri from Girls’ Generation perform a short “band version” of Gee and another song together with the band C.N.Blue.

Yu-ri, Tiffany & C.N.Blue ~ Gee + Champion Live@Music Core   20100220

Yu-ri, Tiffany & C.N.Blue ~ Gee + Champion Live@Music Core 20100220

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Credit: source video Shalnark@jpopsuki


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