Tomiko Van 

Last night I was randomly browsing through my music videos and I came across this PV of Tomiko Van. I had downloaded the video ages ago, but I had never watched it. The song must be a cover, but I don’t know the composer or original artist. I just recognize the song from the Korean/Japanese movie 26years diary anata wo wasurenai, starring (among others) Maki Onaga (翁長麻紀) of High and mighty color. I have had this song on my mind from time to time after watching that movie, so when I watched this video I was like “it’s that song!!”. The song is called Cherry (チェリー).

Tomiko Van ~ CHERRY Tomiko Van ~ CHERRY

25MB 3:54 H.264/AVC 480×272

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Here’s a clip where the song first appears in the movie:

26years diary anata wo wasurenai clip 26years diary anata wo wasurenai clip

7MB 1:19 H.264/AVC 480×272

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I don’t know if Van-chan’s way of singing suits the song, but it’s a good song none the less.


Tomiko VanTomiko Van (伴都美子) is releasing her first solo album on March 29th. I haven’t heard any of the songs yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I liked her alot when she was in Do As Infinity and I’m glad she’s continuing as a solo artist after the band broke up. Her voice is so soothing.

The image is from her official site.