Wonder Girls 

Like This is the title track from the Wonder Girls’ new mini-album “Wonder Party”, which came out yesterday.


I thought the song sounded promising from the teaser they released a week or so ago. The actual song doesn’t sound quite like I expected. I thought it’d be more forceful somehow. More 4Minute-y. Not as “fluid” as it turned out to be. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, though. I like it quite a bit. I’m definitely going to give Wonder Party a listen.


The Wonder Girls are back with a brand new concept, which could be described as… “Miss A:P .

Wonder Girls ~ Be My Baby

Wonder Girls ~ Be My Baby

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Sorry for the recent lack of updates. I’ve been really tired after my trip to the other side of the northern hemisphere, so I’ve pretty much just worked and slept.


2 Different Tears is the Wonder Girls’ new Korean single and the first one since Sun-mi left the group to complete her studies. Both the song and music video features her replacement (stand-in?) Hye-rim.

Wonder Girls ~ 2 Different Tears (Korean ver.)

Wonder Girls ~ 2 Different Tears (Korean ver.)

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Credit: source video kenhnghenhac.net

The video qualiy isn’t the best, but it’s the best one I could find. I was thinking about posting a live performance instead, but this song just doesn’t seem to work all that well live. I have a whole bunch of performances, but they all seem kind of flat. If you want a specific performance, let me know and I’ll put it up.

I’m on the fence as to whether I like this song or not. It has some parts I like, but… I expected it to be poppier somehow.


In this awesome clip Girls’ Generation performs Wonder Girls’ song Tell me.

Yoon-a and Yu-ri look great in this video. They didn’t really “pop” in the Gee videos I posted earlier, but here Yoon-a looks really cute and Yu-ri looks quite hot.

Girls' Generation ~ Tell me Live@Music Bank 20080704

Girls’ Generation ~ Tell me Live@Music Bank 20080704

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Credit: thanks to spinkey@jpopsuki and the seeders for the source video

Hehe, I played this video on repeat on my PS3 for a long while last night. I hope it didn’t anger the neighbours too much (bah, I’m moving out soon anyway) ;)


Wonder Girls ~ Nobody for PSPWonder Girls ~ Nobody for PSP

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There was a general request for videos featuring the Korean group Wonder Girls, so here is So Hot.

Wonder Girls ~ So Hot for PSPWonder Girls ~ So Hot for PSP

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I’ve watched this video a few times on the train to work and it’s kind of growing on me actually.