Last year YUI released new versions music videos for Feel my soul and Good-bye days consisting of old footage from her debut years. It’s interesting to see these old clips of her. I found new love for this and many of her other songs after listening to the covers on the She loves you album. When I watched her perform this song at her last live as YUI at the CDTV new year’s show, I thought that the captions were wrong, so I checked the CD booklet. Turns out that I’ve been singing the wrong lyrics all this time :lol: .


YUI ~ feel my soul~2012 ver.~

YUI ~ feel my soul~2012 ver.~

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And appropriately last: Good-bye days. It’s one of my favourite songs. I love how you get to see YUI smile a lot in this video. I hope there’s more where that came from in her future projects.


YUI ~ Good-bye days~2012 ver.~

YUI ~ Good-bye days~2012 ver.~

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These are the last PSP videos I’ll post. Like YUI, I’m moving on to something else. The blog will remain. There just won’t be any new PSP videos for download. Six years is plenty and I’m looking to focus my energy elsewhere.


Since YUI announced her indefinite hiatus from her activities as “YUI”, there have been many rumours flying around about what she’s doing next. There were some news about her performing at very small venues under the name Flower Flower and that she didn’t perform any YUI songs, only new/unreleased material.

There has been no official word and the whole thing seems to have leaked out earlier than intended. It’s hard for a big artist like YUI to perform at small venues if all her fans find out.

From the bits and pieces I’ve heard, she wasn’t given the artistic freedom that she wanted as YUI and started performing under a different name. There may have been some problems with her record company due to this, but either way she has now put “YUI” aside and will continue pursuing her music career under a new name. Supposedly she’s still under Sony, but the official word was supposed to be released by the end of the year (not now).

I also saw a recent picture of her with short blonde hair, but it was removed because it wasn’t supposed to have leaked, I guess.

I’m curious about what her new music sounds like. Less main stream for sure, seeing how she felt (according to the rumours) that she wasn’t allowed to do her songs the way she would have liked to.


Above is a longer version of the “YUI’s message to her fans” video that I posted a while back. It still doesn’t tell the whole story though, and we’ll have to wait a while longer for any kind of official announcement. It’s encouraging to hear that she’s moving on to something she appears to be enjoying.


Sony Hong Kong posted a video on their facebook page where YUI talks a bit about her decision to take a break from being “YUI” and try different things.

Embedded video (requires flash):

Link to the facebook video

Unfortunately, neither the embedded video nor link will work on iPhones, so you’ll have to use a PC or go to Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong on facebook and browse until you find the video. I also shared the video on my timeline.

Update: I posted a longer interview here.


Last week YUI announced that she’ll be taking a break from her activities. She’s been on a hiatus before — around the time of her B-side compilation album. Both back then and this time around I feel respect and admiration for YUI for following her own path and taking a break if she needs one. I’ll be looking forward to her future projects.

You can read YUI’s … Continue reading


There’s an album out called She Loves You, which is a tribute album to YUI where other artists cover her songs. I really like this album. My reservation is that some of the covers are perhaps a bit too straight forward. I think that a great cover is an interpretation where the artists adds their unique traits to the song. Many of the covers on this album, while good, sound a lot like the original songs. Maybe the artists who participated are just too similar to YUI. That said, it’s definitely worth a listen. I’ve been listening to and enjoying it a lot this week.

I thought I’d share some thoughts on each track:

1. SCANDAL - How Crazy. A pretty straight forward cover with slightly heavier electric guitars and drums.
2. Negoto - Tomorrow’s Way. I like her voice and the way she half-speaks during the verse. The song is a lot more “filled out” with sound than the original. Lots of drums and even a little “noise”. Maybe I should recommend this song to a friend of mine who listens to “noise music” (not enough of it perhaps). I’m a sucker for all-over-the-place-y drums like the ones in this song.
3. miwa - Good-bye days. … Continue reading


YUI is releasing two best of albums in December. One is called “Orange Garden Pop” and one “Green Garden Pop”, which I guess represents the feeling of the songs that go on each album. When I first saw the titles I thought that Orange would have rockier songs and Green would have more mellow ones, but it’s kind of a mix. Looking at the tracklists (below) the grouping by colour still makes sense somehow.

It seems like the only new song will be fight, which is included on the Green album. The albums will contain all her singles, plus some favourite songs from her albums. I’m not sure what the limited editions will contain. YesAsia lists them as including a DVD, but other places just write “a bonus item”, so I don’t know exactly what it is. Some stores also sell the two albums as a set which comes with a bonus “white book”.

If you (unlike me :) ) haven’t already bought all of YUI’s previous CDs, this could be a good time to pounce. All good songs. And I like the covers.

  • Green Garden Pop (limited)
  • Green Garden Pop (regular)
  • Orange Garden Pop (limited)
  • Orange Garden Pop (regular)

Speaking of covers. There’s also an album out called She Loves You, which is a tribute to YUI where other artists (including Scandal and Stereopony) have recorded covers of her songs. Actually, I’ll write another post about that album.

… Continue reading


YUI is back with a new single called fight (as in “do your best”). The song was originally used in a national school music competition in Japan, where YUI was selected to compose a song for the middle school category with the theme “light”. The team with the best interpretation of the song would win.

YUI ~ fight

YUI ~ fight

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It’s a nice mellow song with an uplifting message, which I think is enhanced by the video. At first I thought that it’s nice that YUI is back, but it’s not one of her best songs… and it still isn’t, but it has grown on me quite a bit. The song gives off a positive vibe (especially coupled with the music video).



This is what I ordered for this summer as far as K-Pop (and J-Pop) items go.


I’ve stopped ordering “album + poster” packages, since I already have loads of posters that I don’t have up on the walls. But I couldn’t resist the poster for IU’s latest single Spring of a Twenty Year Old. I’ve wanted an IU poster for a while and I’ve kind of regretted not asking if I could buy one that was on display in a music store in Seoul. It fit in a frame I had lying around too, so that’s a plus. … Continue reading


This is YUI’s acoustic performance of Green a.live at Bokura no ongaku back in the beginning of November.

YUI ~ Green a.live Live@Bokura no Ongaku 20111104

YUI ~ Green a.live Live@Bokura no Ongaku 20111104

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I really like this song. Here it’s arranged differently. It’s a bit more elaborate than the studio version. Bordering too elaborate, since I like the simplicity of the song. But still very good.


I love it when YUI does her occasional cover, because she usually picks interesting songs. This song is called Tsubasa wo kudasai (翼をください) and was originally performed by the folk song group Akai Tori back in 1971.

YUI ~ Tsubasa wo kudasai Live@Music Lovers 20111113

YUI ~ Tsubasa wo kudasai Live@Music Lovers 20111113

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You can really hear the 70’s carry through. It has a nice feeling to it.


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