Yuko Fukudome 

17-sai no live

Yuko Fukudome continues to be very popular (in the statistics for this site), so I thought I’d post a selection of scans from her photo book 17-sai no live that I ran into (I didn’t scan them myself).

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I just stumbled across a couple of small but nice pictures of Yuko Fukudome. I found them in this interview.

Does anyone know how to access her official blog? I’m being asked for a username and password. I tried signing up for a cocolog account, but that didn’t help.

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Since Yuko Fukudome (福留佑子) is so popular in the gallery (I’ve added a box with the most popular pictures on the gallery main page), I thought I’d post some Yuko stuff. Yuko is a Japanese gravure idol. She’s very energetic and goofy.

These videos are from her Sabra 61 photoshoot. You can find pictures from this shoot in Yuko’s album in the gallery. The first video is a clip of Yuko speaking English :)

Yuko Fukudome ~ Speaking English for PSPYuko Fukudome ~ Speaking English for PSP

5MB 0:56 H.264/AVC 480×272

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BOMB Bishiriden

Since the PlayStation Portable has so little memory it cannot display the full version of some of the larger pictures in my gallery in its web browser. Because of this I’ve added a feature which lets you download the full picture form the page where the resized picture is shown. You can start the download by clicking the Saveicon below the picture.

You can try it out by clicking on the picture of Yuko Fukudome above (her name is the most searched for by visitors to this site by the way, so I guess I’ll have to add more Yuko stuff).

2nd photobook

I have added some pictures of Japanese model Yuko Fukudome (福留佑子) to the gallery. I first heard about her a few weeks ago when I was browsing around on YouTube and found some clips of her. She’s very cute and goofy. I bought her second photobook 17-sai no live shortly after that. There are some very nice photos in the book, but I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t more pictures of her being “goofy”. Anyway, I like her and thought I’d share some pictures. … Continue reading