I bought myself a PlayStation2 last week (yay!) as more or less of an impulse buy. The trick was to connect it to my “entertainment centre”. I put that within quotes since it’s not a home theatre system or anything. It’s just an old TV, a VCR, a DVD player and my very old stereo system. I’ve connected my computer to the VCR (my old TV didn’t support SCART) and I’ve connected the audio out of both the VCR and the DVD player to the AUX in on my stereo using the same cable (don’t kill me audio enthusiasts!).

I connected the PS2 audio to the same cable too. I expected some audio degradation, but it sounded fine… until I put the PS2 in stand-by mode and started the latest episode of Heroes on my PC. There was no sound at all! It turns out that the PS2 cancels out all sound on the cable when it’s in stand-by mode. If it’s on or if it’s turned off completely (by disconnecting the power cable) the sound is fine.

I really should get an audio switcher (or a new system all together), but I chose the easy/cheap solution and connected the PS2 to its own power cable with a switch on it so that I can cut the power when I’m not using it. Well, the easiest way is to get the sound via the SCART, but I prefer to have the sound from the stereo speakers over having the sound through the TV.