2010 calendar preview

Ai’s 2010 calendar that I pre-ordered arrived yesterday. I picked it up today and thought I’d post some preview pictures (luckily my camera’s battery held out until I had snapped a picture of each page).

It’s nothing like what I had expected. The Bye-bye preview picture that basically all stores have used has nothing to do with the actual product. However, I’m not all disappointed. It looks pretty nice and fits well where I put it in my living room.

  • 2010 calendar preview
  • 2010 calendar preview
  • 2010 calendar preview
  • 2010 calendar preview
  • 2010 calendar preview
  • 2010 calendar preview

I was kind of expecting it to be in colour, but this is fine too. I like March-April and July-August (hehe). May-June is kind of “blah” and November-December looks a bit too depressing for my taste. What I was hoping for was something along the lines of her kimi iro omoi photo book.

Link to YesAsia (where I bought it)

Ai calendar

I just saw that Ai Otsuka will have a calendar for 2010. I think this is the first time she has released a wall calendar. It will be available on October 3rd. Normally I’d like to see preview pictures before ordering, but the cover looks promising and it’s Ai!

She’s also releasing another best of album in November called Love is Best. It will include her love songs and one new song. Some of the songs will be re-recorded versions. The album will be released in CD only and CD+DVD (music videos) versions.

Update: I posted previews of the actual calendar here.


Now, finally, some previews of BoA’s 2009 calendar have surfaced. My first impression is that this year’s (2008) calendar is much nicer. The 2009 calendar reminds me a bit of the 2007 calendar’s sport theme. BoA looks great as usual, but the theme doesn’t really add anything. To me it’s more of a distraction. I mean, all I want are nice photos of BoA. Preferably without a big horn in the way.

  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar

Credit: boafanclub via beck_ken@baboa

Buy the calendar at YesAsia

Buy at J-List

2009 Calendar

BoA’s 2009 calendar is available for pre-order. I loved the 2008 calendar, previous calendars not so much. The cover looks good, but I think I’ll wait until I’ve seen more pictures before ordering it. It looks promising though. It will be available on October 4th.

Update: I’ve now posted previews of this calendar here.


BoA’s 2008 calendar is coming out November 7. I thought the cover looked interesting but was waiting for some previews of the calendar before deciding whether or not to get it. Here are preview images for the first 8 months. What do you think? I think this calendar looks much better than the 2007 one!

  • 2008 calendar preview 01-02
  • 2008 calendar preview 03-04
  • 2008 calendar preview 05-06
  • 2008 calendar preview 07-08
  • 2008 calendar preview cover

Buy the calendar at YesAsia

Credit: jlist


I was poking around my blog today doing some changes in the template and stuff and I noticed that my post with previews of BoA’s 2007 calendar was set to “private” which means that people who searched for “boa 2007 calendar” and ended up on my site never saw it! Argh! I’ll have to put a big warning in the template so that I can see clearly which posts are private in the future.


Finally there are some previews of Ayu’s 2007 calendar! It looks very nice. Much better than BoA’s in my opinion. I think I’ll be ordering this one. The only picture that doesn’t really do it for me is the September-October one. She had a similar picture in her 2005 calendar and I didn’t particularly like that either.
But this means trouble for me. I was thinking about replacing my BoA calendar with an Ai Otsuka poster, but now this Ayu calendar would be perfect there as well :)

  • 2007 calendar cover
  • 2007 calendar january-february
  • 2007 calendar march-april
  • 2007 calendar may-june
  • 2007 calendar july-august
  • 2007 calendar september-october
  • 2007 calendar november-december
  • 2007 calendar

Credit: akane5749@ayuchina & blue_bird@ahn

Buy it here

BoA 2007 calendar

BoA’s 2007 calendar was released today. I have her 2006 calendar which is nice, though the photos could be better. I’m thinking of replacing that calendar with BoA’s new one. As usual the online stores used her latest single cover (Key of Heart this year) as a temporary image. I like the single cover a lot. However, the actual calendar cover doesn’t exactly do it for me. What’s with the riding boots and stuff? I hope the rest of the photos are better. As the calendar is now released, hopefully it won’t take long until someone puts some preview images online.

This year I will wait until I’ve seen the photos before I get the calendar (it’s not like I’m going to use it before new year’s anyway). I really like the pictures of BoA in the Levi’s Taiwan ads and also her single covers. They should use pictures like those in the calendar. If Levi’s were to release a BoA calendar I would buy it in a heartbeat. Of the other artists I like I think that only Ayumi Hamasaki has a calendar, but that won’t be released until December.

Edit: I replaced the preview images with higher quality ones

  • 2007 calendar cover
  • 2007 calendar 01-02
  • 2007 calendar 03-04
  • 2007 calendar 05-06
  • 2007 calendar 07-08
  • 2007 calendar 09-10
  • 2007 calendar 11-12