I just downloaded the latest trailer for the upcoming game Mirror’s Edge, by the Swedish company DICE, from PlayStation Network.

First of all, this game looks great! I’ve seen stills from the game in a magazine and thought the concept looked cool, but the trailer really made an impression on me. I find the visual esthetics very appealing and they chose great music to set the mood in the trailer.

From the stills I had seen earlier I thought that the protagonist was a guy (which I found a bit boring), but now they show the character you’re playing: the runner Faith. She looks so cool! I’m a sucker for strong female characters and, for me, playing Faith makes the game much more appealing.

I made a PSP version of the trailer that you can check out if you have a PSP or if you just want a high quality trailer with a small file size. If you have a PS3 you can check out the HD trailer at PSN.

Mirrors_Edge_Teaser_psp for PSPMirror’s Edge Teaser for PSP

14MB 1:56 H.264/AVC 480×272

(download | thumbnail)

(how to play)

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I just made some caps from the music video for Jolin Tsai’s J-Game (野蠻遊戲/Ye Man You Xi) to use for a new avatar and signature image. And I thought that since I’d already made them, I could just as well post them here in case anyone is interested.
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