An interaction from yesterday evening that illustrates one of the things I like about Twitter :)


And yes, it was very tasty :)


Two weeks ago I went into this Japanese store that’s near where I have my Korean class. I went there to see if they had any Korean groceries (the Korean food store is on the other side of town). They did. They also had a display case with some kitchen knives. I recognized them, since I’ve seen the brand (Tojiro/Fujitora) online. The price was really good too. I didn’t buy one since I already had a similar knife at home.

A while back I bought a couple of budget friendly kitchen knives with a bit harder steel for my sharpening hobby. One was a shirogami#2 Japanese carbon steel knife. I was considering a Tojiro, which is a budget brand, but the online shop where I was looking had similar knives at a lower price. I figured they were just OEM:ed knives from the same manufacturer and went for that one instead.


I really liked that knife. You have to be careful about it rusting, but it’s really easy to sharpen and takes a wicked edge. … Continue reading


As a direct result of my last post, I had too much kimbap left over. It was fine to bring for lunch the following day, but the next day the rice had hardened too much and it wasn’t as tasty. I still had one roll left in the fridge at home when I stumbled across a post over at Soompi where someone wrote that you can use egg batter and fry it.

I thought I’d try it, so I mixed up some eggs and a little milk and salt and pepper and dipped the kimbap slices in it and fried them. I also took the filling (sausage and veggies) I had left over and made an omelette out of it with the rest of the batter.


I had some chogochujang for dipping. It was quite tasty actually. Random ideas from the Internet put into practice FTW :lol: .


At my last Korean class we made kimbap (김밥) as an activity to change things up a little. It was way easier that I had thought, since you can pretty much throw anything you want in as filling. Today, while I was at the grocery store, I got the idea of making it at home for dinner (and tomorrow’s lunch) and bought some ingredients.

Just for fun, I took a couple of pictures while cooking. This isn’t really a tutorial. I just felt like posting it :) . Here are the ingredients (you only need a little):


You need (sushi/porridge) rice (쌀), dried seaweed (김), carrots (당근), cucumber (오이), eggs (계란) if you want an omelette filling, sausage (소세지) or meat (고기) of some kind and I also got some spinach (시금치) and bean sprouts (콩나물) (which always makes me think of IU :) ). I didn’t … Continue reading