Perhaps you’re familiar with Kaela Kimura’s song Honey B~みつばちダンス~. If not, you can check out the video below. It’s a very cute song. Genie Chuo made a cover of this song on her latest album, but with lyrics in Mandarin of course.

Something that’s been driving me crazy is that when I heard Genie’s cover, I thought it was a song by one of the Hello! Project girls, like Aya Matsuura or someone. Kaela has written the lyrics for her version of the song, but the music was composed by Takamune Negishi (according to Cori’s Jpop lyrics). I think that guy has some connection to H!P. It certainly sounds like it. I had heard Kaela’s song before I heard Genie’s version, so it’s possible that I just remembered that song. But I can’t get rid of this feeling that I’ve heard this song even before that, with other lyrics.

Am I imagining things or is Kaela’s version also a cover?

Kaela Kimura ~ Honey B for PSPKaela Kimura ~ Honey B~みつばちダンス~

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Does anyone know if any other artist sang this song before Kaela? Please give me some peace of mind :)


BoA’s new album Made in TWENTY(20) is coming out January 17th. I’m really looking forward to it. BoA’s singles this year have all been very good.

  • Made in TWENTY(20) cover
  • Made in TWENTY(20) cover

I like the covers - especially the first one.

The track list for the album is: … Continue reading