From time to time the song Ikimasshoi pops into my head. It usually happens when I’m hiking or when it’s time to leave. Then my brain goes “na-na na-na ikimashou!” :)

Here Morning Musume is performing Ikimasshoi at their 2007 fall concert tour, in all their arm flailing glory :lol:

Morning Musume ~ Ikimasshoi Live@MM '07 Aki ~Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! Bomb~

Morning Musume ~ Ikimasshoi Live@MM ‘07 Aki ~Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! Bomb~

19MB 2:59 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

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Credit: Hello!Fansubs & hello-online

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Just in case someone else has gotten on the Reina train, here she is in the Hello! Project group High-King, which only was active for one single (?).

High-King ~ Cinderella Complex for PSPHigh-King ~ Cinderella Complex for PSP

26MB 4:03 H.264/AVC 480×272

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Credit: hello-fansubs

I thought this song was so-so when I first heard it, but like other songs where Reina Tanaka sings it seems to be covered with some kind of “brain glue” that makes it stick ;)


I normally don’t post files this big, but I thought I’d make an exception this time.

Reina Tanaka ~ Real Challenge!! Reina Tanaka ~ Real Challenge!! for PSP

273MB 59:23 H.264/AVC 480×272

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Real Challenge!!

This is Reina Tanaka’s latest DVD Real Challenge (cover to the right) in PSP format. It’s a mix of making of footage from her latest photo book Very Reina and other things she did when they were shooting in Hokkaido. Such as eating seafood, cooking, making butter, etc. A thing that hangs over Reina throughout the video is that she has to memorize the names of the cities in Hokkaido. If she can’t do it, there will be a penalty :)

You can buy the DVD here.

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Here’s another one of Reina’s songs that I’ve had playing in my head lately :)

Reina Tanaka ~ Memory Seishun no Hikari Live@MM '08 Haru ~Single Daizenshuu!!~ for PSPReina Tanaka ~ Memory Seishun no Hikari Live@MM ‘08 Haru ~Single Daizenshuu!!~

14MB 2:10 H.264/AVC 480×272

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I’ve recently become somewhat obsessed with Reina Tanaka. I’m not sure what started it, but I bought her photo book Re: not too long ago, so that might have something to do with it.

Anyway, I downloaded some videos of her singing and there was this one song that’s been stuck in my head since then. It goes “Shine. You’re shining. It’s shining in my heart. I believe that you are shining…”. Can you guess what the song is called? That’s right: “Shining” :lol:

It’s Reina and Ai Takahashi who perform it.

Reina Tanaka & Ai Takahashi ~ Shining Itoshiki Anata for PSPReina Tanaka & Ai Takahashi ~ Shining Itoshiki Anata

19MB 3:00 H.264/AVC 480×272

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Warning: viewing may cause song to permanently stick to your brain :lol:

When Reina goes “I believe that you are shining. Oh, most in this world. You are shining…” it kind of reminds me of when Conan O’Brien sings his lullaby “… moms and dads please turn baby, away form the TV screen, away from the TV screen” :)


Now you’re in for a treat! :) This is a show about YUI’s last days as a teenager. You get to follow her as she visits places in her home town Fukuoka (February 11th, 2007). She shows the place where she used to practice, visits her old work place, etc. and caps the visit off with a spontaneous street live. Then you get to see her in the recording studio (March 4th) where she talks about Can’t buy my love, plays a little piano and records My Generation. Finally the show is wrapped up with YUI’s street live in Shibuya, Tokyo, on the last evening (March 25th) before her 20th birthday.

Here you can download the entire show subtitled in English. Thanks to by8n7 of for the original subtitles. I changed them a little though.

YUI ~ Street live on the last day of her teens YUI ~ Street live on the last day of her teens

234MB 46:19 H.264/AVC 480×272

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The file is kind of big, so I offer it as a torrent and via megaupload. It’s PSP compatible, but you can play it on PS3 and PC too. I will post clips from the Tokyo live if anyone only wants the songs.

Credit: original subtitles by8n7@yui-lover


The past two weeks I haven’t been feeling all that well. I’ve been ill (still going to work though) and down in general, but something that has picked me up and kept me going is Ai Otsuka’s song Frienger. Listening to it puts me in such a good mood.

I love the cover of the CD+DVD version of the single (below). I’m using it as the wallpaper on my work cellphone so I can glimpse down on it whenever I’m starting to feel down again.

Frienger CD+DVD cover

I’ve made a PlayStation Portable version of the PV so that you can bring it with you and watch it whenever you want to. I’ve also uploaded a bigger version of the PV as well as a version with English subtitles.

Frienger PSP Frienger PV for PSP (4′36″ 24MB)


(how to play)

FriengerFrienger PV (4′36″ 75MB)

(rapidshare mirror)

Frienger subtitledFrienger PV subtitled (4′35″ 83MB)


(rapidshare mirror)

I’ll keep the videos online as long as my bandwidth permits it. Use the mirrors if you can.

Of course you’ll also need the MP3, which also happens to be my current ringtone at work :)

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do and that it will make you happier when you listen to it! Don’t forget to purchase the CD if you like the song (how could you not like it?).