Black Square

I was complaining the other day that there are no games being released for the PSP these days. Then I ran into DJ Max Portable Black Square when I was browsing around at YesAsia. I hadn’t heard of this game, but it turns out that while DJ Max Fever, which basically is a mix between DJ Max Portable 1 and 2 that has been translated into English, was being prepared for the U.S. Market, Pentavision has developed an entirely new game that looks awesome.

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I posted this over at baboa, but I thought I’d try it on my blog too. This is a game where you’re supposed to guess which BoA PV I’m seeking based on the clues that I give you. … Continue reading


DJ Max PortableDJ Max Portable is a Korean music game for the PSP. It’s the first game I’ve imported and my absolute favourite game so far. It’s amazingly fun.

The basics

The concept of the game is pretty simple. A song plays and, as it does, notes fall from the top of the screen to the bottom in four columns (in the easiest mode). Each column corresponds to a button and you are to press the button when the note hits the bottom. When you press a button an instrument or a part of the vocals is played, so if you press the wrong button the song sounds strange. Everytime you miss a note you lose heath and when your health reaches zero you have failed and have to start over again. You can get more health by unlocking new skins (or gear as they’re called in the game) and you can get more tolerance for near misses by unlocking new notes.

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