Today I got my the Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M WH headphones that I ordered about a week and a half ago from Korea. This is presumably the same model of headphones that BoA wears in her Eien PV.

The headphones came in a rediculously large box, so I thought I’d post some unboxing pics :)

Hmm, isn’t this box a bit large for shipping a pair of headphones?
Big box

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After watching BoA’s Eien PV, I have been wondering what kind of headphones she was wearing. They look pretty neat.

I’ve been meaning to get new headphones because the ones I have (Sennheiser PXC-250), although fine to use on the train, aren’t all that portable. I was looking at the Koss KSC-75 headphones. I’m sure they sound good enough, but they’re just not especially attractive.

So, I started looking around for headphone models that look similar to BoA’s. I came up with … Continue reading