The PS3 has always sucked when it has come to viewing Youtube videos. They’ve hardly been viewable in the web browser with horrible quality. However, a while back a dedicated Youtube app was finally released. In order to install it on your PS3, go to TV/Video Services -> My Channels -> Youtube. Works great.

What’s even better is that in the latest update for the iOS Youtube app that came out today, they’ve added support for pairing your iPhone to your PlayStation 3 which allows you to search for videos on your phone and then show it on your TV via your PS3. I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this. It’s extremely convenient. And, yes, you can watch the videos in HD.



SM Entertainment recently released a Girls’ Generation game for iPhone developed by dooub. I didn’t post about it right away, because I wanted to try it out first.

It’s a music game similar to DJ Max Portable and, to a lesser extent, Guitar Hero. You’re supposed to hit notes as they fall on the screen. The difference is that it’s a smart phone game, so sometimes you have to touch the note and slide it sideways or shake the phone to hit certain notes. All this to songs from SNSD’s latest album The Boys. There are two game modes: Tap (which is what I described) and Shake, where you rotate a disc clockwise and counter-clockwise instead of tapping. Both modes have “shake notes”, where you have to shake the phone.


The app is free to download, but you only get “short play” of a few songs. To unlock “full play” and all songs, you have to make an in-app purchase called “6 songs package”, which costs $4 (update: now there’s a package called “9 songs package” which contains the first 6 songs + the 3 songs in the Mr. Taxi package). Without that package it’s more of a demo. You can download the app in the App Store and try it out.

When you play the game you unlock different cards, … Continue reading


Vita500, which is endorsed by SNSD, released an “augmented reality” app for iPhone and Android (search for vita500 in the app store), where you can scan the QR code (square bar code) on the bottle with your smartphone to see the member on the bottle step out and dance on your table :) .

Vita500 is not sold here, which makes the app pretty useless, unless you have the QR codes that appear on the bottle labels that is.

Here are the codes, with each member’s name under it. … Continue reading