I have been resisting the iPod for a long time. Mainly because of how “locked in” it is with its iTunes requirement (I know there are alternative programs).

One morning I was on my way to work and was listening to music on my cellphone… or at least I was trying to. The headphone adapter came off one time and the phone thought I had pressed the hands-free button three times. I had had enough.

iPod Nano

I went looking for a new MP3-player on my lunch break and, as it turns out, the selection is horrifyingly small where I live, so I decided to go against my principles and get an iPod.

I got the latest Nano. I was going to get a 16 GB version, but they didn’t have the colour I wanted at the Apple store, so I got an 8 GB version instead. I also went back later to buy a pack of “iPod socks” :lol: (the sock in the picture is supposed to be green - the lighting conditions weren’t exactly ideal when I took the photo)

So far, I can say that iTunes works great with podcasts, and sub-par at basically everything else. I activated the “sound check” feature which caused iTunes to raise the volume of a few random songs by 100% for no apparent reason. … Continue reading