This is what I ordered for this summer as far as K-Pop (and J-Pop) items go.


I’ve stopped ordering “album + poster” packages, since I already have loads of posters that I don’t have up on the walls. But I couldn’t resist the poster for IU’s latest single Spring of a Twenty Year Old. I’ve wanted an IU poster for a while and I’ve kind of regretted not asking if I could buy one that was on display in a music store in Seoul. It fit in a frame I had lying around too, so that’s a plus. … Continue reading


Last week I went to France to see a horde of K-Pop artists perform at Music Bank in Paris. A total of eight groups performed: Girls’ Generation, T-ara, 4Minute, Sistar, SHINee, U-Kiss, Beast and 2PM. I went there mostly for SNSD, T-ara and 4Minute.


I flew to Paris the same day as the concert. I had already been there for SMTown back in June, so I felt like I wouldn’t have any trouble finding my way around the city. Besides, I had booked a numbered seat for the concert. I had a seat for the first day and a standing ticket for the second day. Unfortunately the second day of the concert was cancelled. It would’ve been great to do both.

The venue was much bigger than SMTown. The good seats at SMTown were much better than the good seats at Music Bank. While SMTown was more intimate, everything at Music Bank went very smoothly. They didn’t have much concert goods though.

It was nice to see so many groups, but since there were so many of them they didn’t perform that many songs each. SNSD didn’t perform until the very end, so it felt like they didn’t get enough time on stage. … Continue reading



As you probably know all too well by now, I went to SMTOWN Paris last weekend. It was the first SMTOWN in Europe ever. It was also my first K-Pop concert and my first visit to Paris.

This will be a lot more text than I usually post, but don’t worry, there are pictures further down. I thought about boiling it down to something shorter, but then it would take too long before I could post it.

… Continue reading

Black Rock Shooter figma with DVD

I received my Black Rock Shooter figma figure today. To my surprise the box said that a 50 minute DVD was included. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I was actually thinking about checking out the Black Rock Shooter anime, so a free DVD is great even if it doesn’t have any subtitles.

So I sit down to check out the DVD. The anime starts playing right away. It looks pretty cool. I press the menu button just in case… and it does have subtitles! In multiple languages! It has English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, French and Italian subtitles! :D

Momohime & Seena

This week some of the stuff I’ve ordered has started dropping in. A couple of days ago I got the posters (KARA and YUI) that I ordered as well as the CDs and Blu-ray that you see in the picture. Yesterday my latest two figures arrived and today I picked them up.

There’s Momohime by Alter and Seena by Max Factory, both of which I’ve mentioned before. Both figures are really great. I’m super happy with them.

I only took a quick picture, … Continue reading


I wrote earlier about how Girls’ Generation have released their very first official photobook. Needless to say, I ordered it and today I could pick it up at the post office. Yay! :D


Another order from Gmarket, another ridiculously oversized package. My jaw almost dropped when the guy at the post office came back with the package :lol: . As you can see, it’s mostly air, but the entire bottom is filled with the box for the book.


When the store said the package weighed 3 kg I thought they were trying to scam me, but this thing is huuuuge. I put it beside a CD for size comparison.

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This weekend the Japanese artists HITT and Minx Zone performed in Sweden at a thing called UppCon. I didn’t manage to get a ticket for the whole thing, but one of Minx Zone’s performances and HITT’s concert were free for everyone.

Unfortunately I missed Minx Zone’s performance. I was so mad :mad: ! I heard them playing as I got there, but then it was over before I had gotten in :( :( :( . They sounded pretty good too, from what I heard. At least I saw them at the signing (which also was over when I got there).

I did, however, see HITT’s performance. … Continue reading


A couple of days ago I received my biggest order of figures to date. Now I’ve taken a few photos of them after I’ve unpacked them. I took some quick shots in daylight on top of one of my cupboards.

Yoko (Gurren Lagann) 1/8 Eye Up

Let’s start with the Eye Up 1/8 Yoko figure. I’m very happy with this figure. Yoko and Mao were impulse buys that I added to the order right before it was shipped. I really like the pose, her expression and how dynamic it feels. It has a couple of small flaws. … Continue reading


I had a pretty crappy day today. My head feels like it’s about to split open. But I suddenly felt a little better when I collected this from the post office after work:

My new figures

Sweet! :D

It’s Mao and Blanc Neige from Shining Wind, the MC Axis Nose Art Girl designed by Shunya Yamashita and Yoko from Gurren Lagann.

Another Blood 1/8 Max Factory

Guess what? I’ve finally taken some photos of my Another Blood figure. This figure is sculpted by Wu Boo Hong for Max Factory. This was the first figure I ever pre-ordered (or, when I think about it, it’s the second - I pre-ordered the Revoltech Pocco figure before this one). I just had to have it.

The photos perhaps look a little dull with the black background. I wanted to try black, but I’m not too sure about the results. I also couldn’t choose which photos to post, so I ended up posting all of them. You can pick which ones you want to look at ;)
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