It’s actually been a while since I last ordered anything online. Well, unless you count the iRobot Roomba robovac I ordered a few weeks ago (review coming up). At least it’s been a while since I bought anything J-Pop related.

Renai Shashin poster

I’ve always wanted a nice Ai Otsuka poster to put somewhere in my apartment. And now they finally have one for sale at YesAsia. It’s a very nice Renai Shashin promo poster with many small polaroid photos of Ai. I just ordered it. I was about to order some more stuff, but I restrained myself :) . I’m not sure where I’ll place it yet. It all depends on wheter or not I find a nice 2007 calendar (i.e. if Ayu’s is nice). Perhaps my Aya Ueto poster will have to go. I’m even thinking about framing it to make it look a bit more sophisticated.

I’ve also been looking into getting some nice art (either a painting or a poster/reproduction). I love one painting in the movie Daisy, as I’ve written earlier, which is sort of impressionist style, so I’ve been looking at Monet’s work to see if there’s something fitting. It’s the correct style, but I haven’t found the motive (or rather, feeling) I’m looking for.

As I’ve started writing I might as well continue a little more :)

I bought a skipping rope the other day as an impulse buy after a character on Battlestar Galactica was going to skip rope. I’ve never been good at skipping rope, but I gave it a try and quickly realized that a skipping rope has quite a range when it went *smack* *rrritch* and it ripped one of my posters. I have to be more careful when I get the Ai poster, I suppose.

I have no idea how I ended up there, but I found a page describing the Combat Conditioning method used and promoted by Matt Furey. I remember downloading his videos once upon a time, but I deleted them before I had watched them (this was back when I had a lot less harddrive space than today). I tried some of his exercises tonight just to get a feeling for them. I did a few “hindu squats” (I don’t know, perhaps 20-30) and thought “hey, this isn’t too bad”, but then when I started walking around I felt how much it had taken out of my thighs. I’m going to give this method a try.