It’s not every day they play J-Pop on Swedish television. The other day I watched a Swedish game show called På Spåret (translates into something like “on the right track”), where they show a train running and the contestants are supposed to guess where the train is heading. This time it was heading to Osaka, Japan. When they showed some footage from Osaka for the questions they played Laugh Away by YUI and Real Me by Ayumi Hamasaki :)

Also, I just watched the Hugh Grant movie Music and Lyrics, and I noticed that Cora’s first song (the one she’s making a video for at the beginning) has the exact same intro and ending as BoA’s song Did Ya. Must be the same composer or sampled from the same place.


This is completely random, but I ran into this photo of Ai Otsuka yesterday. At first I just thought “ooh, a nice Ai picture I haven’t seen before”. Then I looked at her sweater. It looks like it says “Gustavus Adolphus”, which is the Latin name of a Swedish king (Gustav II Adolf the Great). He was the founder of the Swedish Empire.


I’m a proud owner of a PlayStation Portable. It was the first video game console I’ve ever owned. I bought it because I had a dream one night when I was visiting my sister in the Netherlands where I had one. It’s very convenient when travelling. I later bought a PS2 since I was mostly playing games at home. A few months ago I moved to another city and started commuting to work by train, so I’ve really put the PSP to good use.

A few days ago I read a topic over at AHN where one of the users was talking about getting a Nintendo DS. … Continue reading


This is just a totally random topic. I recently moved to another city where I had gotten a new job and the cost of the move, double rents, etc. has put a rather big dent in my wallet. Normally I order stuff from YesAsia regularly, but now I’ve made one order in 6 months. Here’s a list of stuff I want but can’t afford right now: … Continue reading


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Koreanska klädmärket T-bolle har kommit med följande exotiska design:

  • Korean design, Swedish logo
  • Polarbröd?!

De måste verkligen gilla Polarbröd  :lol:


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Jag tog nyligen upp ett exempel på hur folk hycklar genom att ena dagen fördöma något och andra dagen tjäna pengar på det och idag läste jag i DN om hur Engelska kyrkan anklagar Sony för att ha stulit designen av interiören av katedralen i Manchester till sitt spel Resistance: Fall of man. … Continue reading


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Jag fick just ett mejl från spelbutiken.se:


Tekken: Dark Resurrection finns nu i lager

Med vänliga hälsningar


Det är alltså samma Tekken: Dark Resurrection som jag haft sen i somras. Jag registrerade mig nån gång i maj i fjol för att få ett mejl så fort spelet kom ut.

Ja nu vet jag att det kommit ut. Tack spelbutiken :P

Fotnot: Jag har aldrig köpt nåt från spelbutiken och går på intet sätt i god för att de faktiskt levererar nåt.


A few weeks ago MTV Europe had an Avril Lavigne special where they showed interviews, music videos and such. It would all end in an MTV exclusive live performance recorded at one of Avril’s concerts in Paris. I like Avril so I thought I’d watch it. The problem was that the concert was censored, meaning that every time Avril sang a “bad” word, they cut out all sound for a second or so. If I didn’t know better I would have thought there was something wrong with my speakers or something. This lame “censorship” completely ruined the show. … Continue reading


I wrote a long time ago about how my Creative MuVo TX mp3 player had become a bit glitchy. Whenever the headphone connector was moved to the side the volume went to max for a fraction of a second in a deafening “boom”. … Continue reading


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Alltså allvarligt… Jag såg just nån repris på 7:an av ett program Bert Karlsson har där de pratade om fildelning. … Continue reading


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